6 advanced ways to automate your workflow with Zapier

6 advanced ways to automate your workflow with Zapier

Our integration with Zapier just got even better! Today, we are excited to announce that there are seven new and updated Triggers, Actions, and Searches that enable you to automate your workflow and handle tasks with ease.

For those of you who haven't used Zapier in the past, Zapier is an automation tool that connects the multiple apps you use every day to create powerful and scalable workflows—no code required.

Of all the updates we’ve pushed to our Zapier integration in the past few months, this is without a doubt the most important one we’ve ever done. This update was made possible by requests directly from our customers and was designed to solve key pain points that they may face in a manual workflow.

While this update offers limitless possibilities for automation, here are six of our favorite ways to improve your workflow:

Create an audit log of user activity using our “New Event” Trigger

If you’re an admin overseeing your department in Close, and you’d like to see a log of each time one of your leads changes owners, this is now possible using our “New Event” Trigger, if you’re a business user.

By setting the Trigger filters on our New Event Trigger to Object Type “Lead” and Action “Updated”, you’ll be able to see each time a lead is updated. You can also filter down to only trigger on specific fields being changed. Then, once this Zap is triggered, there are plenty of options to choose from. You could send this data to a Google Sheet, you could send yourself an email notification with the field being changed, or you could even make a note in Close documenting the change.

This allows for increased oversight in Close.

Schedule bulk emails with our new “Create Bulk Email” Action

Do you send out bulk emails at the same time every week? Do you love our “Send Later” function on individual emails? Have you ever wished you could schedule bulk emails in advance? Well, now you can!

Using “Schedule by Zapier” as your Trigger, in combination with our “Create Bulk Email” Action, you can now select the time you want the bulk email to send, enter the query to find the leads you want to send the email to, choose the template you want to send, and then sit back and relax.

Now you can send emails to a subset of customers on Mondays, automate follow-ups to customers you haven’t heard from in 3 days, and send introductory emails to new customers, all without lifting a finger.

Create customizable exports with our “Create Export” Action

If you’re the type of person that exports information from Close often, then this section is for you. Our “Create Export” Action gives you a way to not only schedule exports, but also to filter through the noise.

For instance, let’s just say that at the end of every week, you’d like a CSV of all of the leads in your Close organization, with only their names and custom field values. Manually, you’d have to request the export, and then once the export is received, you’d have to delete the extra fields you didn’t want in your export. That’s a lot of clicks.

Using “Schedule by Zapier” as your Trigger and our “Create Export” Action, you can set an export to be sent to your email address every Friday, and specify “id,name,custom” in Fields to receive your desired export automatically, no extraneous clicks required.

Toggle Forwarding on your Close phone numbers at the end of each workday

It’s important to step away from your computer, and in those moments that you do, Close call forwarding can make sure you never miss an incoming call, even when Close is closed. We have found that many of our customers use this functionality to forward calls during non-business hours to a central number, and turn off call recording in the mornings when they get to their office. Now we’ve made this process even easier, and hands-free too.

Using “Schedule by Zapier” and our “Toggle Forwarding” Action, you can now set a specific time you want call forwarding to be enabled or disabled, so you’ll never miss a beat.

Update contact information from an email using our new “Find Contact” Search and our improved “Update Contact” Action

Between my work email, personal email, my email for online ordering, and my email for newsletters I look at every 6 months, I often find it hard to keep track of the email address I’m actually sending email from (especially on mobile)—and I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one who experiences this issue.

While this may seem harmless, in Close this can make a world of difference. Let’s just say you’re interacting with a Lead in Close, and they decide to email you from their department email, instead of their individual work email. Now, email sync stops working correctly, since their department email address wasn’t listed as an email address on their contact. How can we fix this without having to manually enter an email address in an existing contact each time this happens?

Using “IMAP by Zapier” > “New Email” as your Trigger, our “Find Contact” Search to match contacts by name and domain, and our “Update Contact” Action to add that unknown email address to the existing contact, you can now rest assured knowing that all emails will be synced correctly in Close, no matter which email is thrown at it.

Update an Opportunity when payment is received using our new “Find Opportunity” Search and our “Update Opportunity” Action

If you use a payment system to process credit card payments from leads in conjunction with Close, marking an opportunity as all paid up can be a hassle. However, using “Find Opportunity” this process got a whole lot simpler.

Using a new payment in your payment software as the Trigger, “Find Opportunity” Search to find the opportunity in Close based on an invoice number in the comments section, and Update opportunity to update the opportunity status, your payment tracking will now be automated.

While these six zaps are wonderful examples, they are by no means the only possibilities. If you’d like to learn more about what’s possible with our Zapier integration, please reach out to support@close.io. We’d be happy to help you set up your Zaps, and take your automation game to the next level.

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