Use Close Zaps in 8 new ways: Find leads, trigger when leads change status, and more

Use Close Zaps in 8 new ways: Find leads, trigger when leads change status, and more

This is a guest post by Carlin Sack, who is a writer, Zapier marketer, and Northwestern University journalism alum. To discover even more Close Zaps, visit the Zapier website here.


When a Close lead changes status, this Zap adds the lead to MailChimp as a subscriber and creates a note in Close

When qualifying leads, there's a lot to track: calls, emails, random notes, deadlines and more. To track leads while eliminating manual data entry from the process, Close Zaps like these are a great way to go:

Create new Close Leads from Gmail EmailsUse this Zap Add Google Form Entries to Close as LeadsUse this Zap Create new Close leads from MailChimp subscribersUse this Zap See more Close integrations powered by Zapier

Zapier's Close integration was recently updated, so Close Zaps can do even more work for you. The eight new Zaps are grouped into three sections:

  • 1 new Search Action: a "Find Lead" Search Action
  • 4 new Triggers: "New Note", "New Email", "New Call", and "Lead Status Change" Triggers
  • 3 new Actions: "Create Note", "Create Call", and "Update Lead" Actions

1 new Search Action: Use Zaps to find leads in Close

Thanks to Zapier's new searching capabilities called Search Actions, Zapier can now find leads in Close. If the Zap doesn't find a lead that matches your search criteria, then it will automatically create one. Once you have the Close lead you're looking for, you can use it in a subsequent step of the same Zap.

This Search Action might come in handy if, for example, you want to know if any of your leads are attending an event you're hosting. Set up a Zap that automatically searches for Close leads and creates notes on their records whenever new attendees sign up for your Eventbrite event.


4 new Triggers: More ways to trigger Zaps from Close

You can now kick off Zaps whenever new notes, emails, or calls are created in Close or whenever leads change status. These new options give you many new ways to automate your workflows and save yourself time.

Let's say you typically add leads to your email list in MailChimp once they reach a certain status and you also add a note to the lead saying "Added to MailChimp." Set up a Zap to automate that work, so you can spend more time nurturing leads rather than documenting them.


3 new Actions: Use Zaps to update leads or create notes and calls

You can now build Zaps that will create notes and calls in Close for you. Or you can try using a Zap that automatically updates Close leads for you. Don't worry about updating Close with the most recent information, let Zaps do the manual work for you.

The Zap pictured below will automatically find existing leads in Close whenever they fill out a certain form on your website. Then, the Zap will update the status of the leads accordingly.


How to use this integration:

To take advantage of these new features, here's how to integrate Close and Zapier:

  1. Sign up for a Close account, and also make sure you have a Zapier account.
  2. Connect your Close account to Zapier.
  3. Check out pre-made Close integrations.
  4. Or create your own from scratch in the Zap Editor.