5 best B2B email finder tools + how to connect with executives

5 best B2B email finder tools + how to connect with executives

The first hurdle every sales rep needs to overcome is to get a prospects' attention. And for many sales professionals, email is still one of the best channels for the initial outreach.

A B2B email finder will help you find email addresses of targeted leads within a given company. Here we cover the following topics to help you find the best B2B email finder tool for your needs.

  • What is a B2B email finder?
  • How to find B2B email addresses and generate leads
  • Common features of a B2B email finder
  • 5 best B2B email finders
  • 3 best email guesser tools when all else fails

To start, we’ll define email finder tools and differentiate the types available. Then we’ll compare a number of the best email finder tools available for business to business contact.

What is a B2B email finder?

A B2B email finder is a lead generation tool that finds B2B email addresses and contact details so you can connect with decision-makers at companies. With more details about your prospective clients, you can make more meaningful connections.

There are a variety of different email finder tools that offer a range of features and functionality. To make it easier to select the tool that is right for you, we’ll compare the main email finder tool types:

  • Email Finder: Find and collect authentic email addresses by inputting search criteria, such as name, job title, company, domain, and other personal information.
  • Email Extractor: Find and gather email addresses from website domains using an automated tool, saving your team manual work.
  • Email Checker: Verifies and validates email addresses to check the authenticity of emails, increasing your email delivery and response rate.
  • Email Guesser: Predicts common email patterns and offers potential email variations from a first name, last name, and website domain.

Choosing the best tool will come down to acquiring a solution that gives you the functionality that you need. Unlike an email guesser tool, these solutions will find, verify, and collect email addresses to connect with businesses. See our list of B2B email finders below and compare the best solutions for your business.

How to find B2B email addresses and generate leads

To gather valuable B2B email addresses, you need to find the contact details of key decision-makers within the companies you are reaching out to. You likely won’t know their name, but you will need a company name at the very least to begin your search. Beyond that, anything else to refine your search is helpful, such as a job title or domain.

Here are the main methods of finding B2B email addresses to help you gain valuable leads:

1. Guess possible email patterns

Required info: Company or Domain + Name or Job title

If you don’t know the right person to connect with at a company, you can guess potential email variations. First, review their website and identify common email patterns used. If you can’t find any, you can use an email guesser tool to automatically predict these potential email variations for you.

Since only one of the email addresses you are sending the emails to will be right, this strategy will have a very low delivery, open, and response rate. Whether you could identify a common email pattern to help narrow your attempts or not, this strategy will have a low success rate. Instead, we recommend using an email finder tool to automate your email collection and lead generation process, saving you time and gathering better quality leads.

2. Scrape the company's website

Required info: Company or Domain + Name or Job title

Sometimes the simplest way to find a person's contact details is just to look at the company’s website. Obvious, yes, but if you're only reaching out to a very low number of targeted companies and are on a tight budget, this might still be worth doing.

If you know the contact you are looking for, search their name across the domain. If you aren’t sure who you are looking for, but know the job title or point of contact to look for, search those terms to find the right contact within the business. If all else fails, you can search for more general email contacts, based on department, team, or even a general customer service email.

This can be done manually by browsing the website yourself, or automatically using an email extractor tool, which will find and collect all email addresses on a website. These tools let you collect all emails from the site you are on or from a list of websites. Often, you can filter these searches to find only the contacts based on the name, job title, or other related terms you are interested in finding.

3. Search social networking sites by company

Required info: Company or Domain + Name or Job title

Most businesses and their employees have a heavy presence on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. The most obvious tactic would be to search for a company, by an individual name, or by job title, and attempt to connect with them.

However, adding and messaging prospects through social networking sites often yields poor results. You’re likely to get blocked or ignored, which means your message will rarely reach the prospect you are trying to reach. It’s better to try to collect an email address and integrate it into your marketing and outreach campaigns to get the message in front of your prospects and for more significant results.

4. Search B2B emails using Google

Required info: Company or Domain + Name or Job title

It’s not the most efficient method, but you can use search engines to find B2B contacts by searching a company name. If possible, you can narrow your search further by also searching by a name, job title, department, and more. This will help you find the best potential contact at the business to allow you to connect.

Once you’ve found the company’s website URL, you can use this in your Google Search to refine it. See potential variations below to help you target your search:

  • site: example.com job title + first name + last name
  • site: example.com job title + first initial + last name
  • site: example.com job title + first initial + last initial
  • site: example.com job title
  • site: example.com department
  • site: example.com service

This will narrow your search to a specific site, returning only results that show up on that domain. You can also expand your search beyond their domain by searching variations with the company name:

  • Company + job title + first name + last name
  • Company + job title + first initial + last name
  • Company + job title

You can expand your search beyond this, but it will be hard to get effective results that lead to high-value leads. This is only made more difficult when you don’t know the name or job title of the person you are trying to connect with.

5. Use an email finder tool for quality lead generation

Required info: Company or Domain + Name or Job title

Email finder tools will save your team a lot of time when generating leads. Many of these tools have email verification features that check emails for authenticity, significantly increasing your delivery rates and improving the impact of your outreach efforts.

Email finder tools come with all kinds of features, and you will want to choose the tool that fits your needs. Compare the best email finder tools. It's worth spending a little bit of money to save your team a lot of manual, low-level busywork.

Common features of a B2B email finder

Email finder tools cover a wide range of features, and many don’t fit specifically into the tool types listed above. Beyond those distinctions, you can compare tool types by the range of main features they have.

Below is a list of common features of an email finder tool, which should help you pick the right email finder tool:

  • Search by Name: Find an email address for a professional by searching their name (first and last), and other identifying details (such as company name or domain).
  • Domain Search: Find and collect all email addresses from a website you are visiting currently.
  • Bulk Domain Search: Find and collect all email addresses from a list of websites, with defining criteria (such as name, job title, and company).
  • Social Network Search: Find and extract all email addresses from a social network site that you are visiting, along with other important contact details.
  • Email Verification: Verify and validate email addresses to ensure they are authentic.

5 best B2B email finders

Approaching the correct point of contact during your outreach campaigns can make a significant difference with your success rate. The following B2B email finder tools are specifically designed for targeting professionals at businesses that will magnify your outreach impact. They help you search by job title and other company criteria to target the best viable point of contact.

To help you find people by name and job title within a business, we cover the top B2B email finder and lead extractor tools:

1. minelead

Cost: $0/mo (100 leads) to $199.98/mo (Unlimited leads)

Freemium Offer: 100 leads/mo

The best thing about it: Extract high value leads to dominate your industry

Availability: Web app

Minelead offers a collection of email finding solutions, all available from one provider, making them work extremely well together. Their email finder tool allows you to track down professional emails from any company, their email verifier checks these emails to ensure they are accurate and valid, and their API lets you integrate their features into your service with ease.

The user interface is optimized for easy use, allowing you to find emails in real-time, see their verification status, favorite, and copy individual emails to your clipboard for immediate use. You can also export the entire list with the click of a button.

2. redscraper

Cost: $49/mo (1,000 credits) to $199/mo (20,000 credits) | Custom pricing for Enterprise

Freemium Offer: 50 leads upon sign up

The best thing about it: Find targeted business email addresses quickly and accurately

Availability: Web app

Gain access to a suite of email finder tools, including a lead extractor that will collect contact information from the website you’re visiting, an email extractor that will collect email addresses from website domains in bulk, an email verifier that will check the authenticity of contact information, and a phone prospector to make a more personal connection.

With this collection of tools, you can choose only the solutions you actually need, all of which will integrate easily and work smoothly together. This all helps you grow efficiently and at scale, while giving you the option to cut non-essential services when you need to.

3. leadb

Cost: $19/mo (12,000 credits) to $59/mo (30,000 credits) | Custom pricing for Enterprise

Freemium Offer: 50 credits/mo

The best thing about it: Find anyone’s business email address with ease

Availability: Google Chrome extension

Their email finder tool will let you find the contact details of any professional by searching their name and company domain or uploading a CSV to automate finding emails from a bulk list. It’s extremely easy to use; simply drag and drop a CSV or input a name and (when you have it) domain to search for.

Their Google Chrome extension will let you find email addresses via LinkedIn, and their Contact Searcher tool provides contact enrichment, so you can gather complete data on the professionals in your lead lists, including job information and more. All of this helps you make more meaningful connections when reaching out, as you can design customized campaigns or choose a campaign that accurately targets that prospect.

4. eGrabber eMail-Prospector Pro

Cost: $1,195/year (4,000 leads)

Freemium Offer: 7 day trial

The best thing about it: Collect email addresses and phone numbers within seconds

Availability: Software

Collect any professional’s email and phone number within seconds, simply by searching their name and company or domain. eGrabber’s eMail-Prospector Pro is built for executive contact information including CEOs, VPs, directors, and other high-level executives. These verified emails will come with a 95% or higher delivery rate, ensuring your outreach campaigns are more effective at connecting with prospects.

Organize leads by groups, and easily segment them into different email marketing and sales campaigns to better target their needs. Enrich contact data so you have more to go off of when initiating a connection.

5. FoxBound DataScout

Cost: Contact for quote

The best thing about it: Generate qualified B2B emails from LinkedIn profiles

Availability: Google Chrome extension

FoxBound DataScout leverages LinkedIn to collect targeted B2B emails that you can add to your lead generation pipeline. Define a search query and let DataScout find prospects based on your criteria, saving you the time of manually searching LinkedIn profiles.

Segment and organize leads to make it easier to market effectively, funneling them into the most appropriate outreach campaign. Easily add or remove prospects before adding them to your lead lists and having your sales team act on them.

3 best email guesser tools when all else fails

If you don’t want to invest in an email finder, don’t think you need all of the functionality they offer, or can’t find the contact you are looking for using one, you can stick to an email guessing tool. These will predict a number of potential email variations, so you can attempt to reach out to contacts when you don’t have the complete information.

1. Email Address Guesser

Cost: Free

The best thing about it: Easily find Gmail and iCloud email address formats

Availability: Webpage

As a web page solution, this Email Address Guesser is one of the easiest to use. It has a very simple design, cutting right to the chase with only three inputs: first name, last name, and domain (gmail.com, icloud.com, etc). Just input this information, and the email guesser will return potential variations. Easily copy this list and paste it into your lead lists.

2. The only email guesser tool you will ever use

Cost: Free

The best thing about it: Free to use browser tool that lets you get potential email variations in seconds

Availability: Webpage

This email guesser is also very easy to use, operating on a webpage, making it extremely accessible. Simply input the first name, last name, and domain to view a list of potential email variations. You can copy this list easily to a clipboard and paste it into your lead list systems.

3. Cheetah Email Guesser

Cost: Free

The best thing about it: Python-tool that generates - and checks - potential email address variations

Availability: Web app

When you’ve been unable to gather a verified email address, this python-based email guesser will return potential variations based on your criteria. Enter a name, last name, and domain to get email variations for that professional, based on business best practices for email formatting. As a Github solution, it pairs easily and seamlessly, allowing you to export your lead lists with ease.

Wrapping up

Now that you have the right tool, you can begin generating high-value B2B leads for sales and business development.

You can then automate much of the lead generation process, and empower your sales team to convert at a greater rate. If you want to connect with a leader within the company, see our list of the best CEO and executive email finder tools.

Want to learn how to write and send cold emails that get noticed? Download our free guide full of templates and strategies to get more hot leads into your sales pipeline.