Best CRM integrations to boost your sales performance

Best CRM integrations to boost your sales performance

Ready to supercharge your company’s growth? Now it’s easier than ever with powerful CRM integrations, that contributes significantly to sales performance management.

And with the launch of the new Close Starter Plan, companies of all sizes can enjoy robust CRM and sales management features for just $35/month.

Close makes it easy to integrate the apps you already use on the regular. We support a whole range of apps for communication, prospecting, analysis, and much more.

Not sure where to get started? We’ve compiled a list of 17 of the best CRM integrations you can start using today. Let’s jump right in!



Price: Starting at $0/month

What Zapier does

Zapier is the go-to tool for connecting web apps and automating workflows. Need to push data between Asana and Slack? Google Sheets and Close? Zapier can do it. They support over 1,500 apps (including Close!) and the sky’s the limit on the types of triggers (or zaps) you can setup. Building and managing Zapier workflows is super simple too, so it’s a great solution for teams that are just starting out.

How it works with Close

If you use a payment system in conjunction with Close, and you want to mark an opportunity as won in Close when a payment goes through in your payment system, you can automate the process with Zapier like this: trigger on New Payment in your payment system, find the lead in Close based on email address, and update the opportunity found on that lead. Set this up once, and payments will automatically be tracked. This is just one of many ways you can use Zapier with Close.



Price: Upon request

What Gong does

Gong is a conversation intelligence platform, designed for analyzing your team's sales calls. Not only does it automatically transcribe your calls, but also evaluates that data, providing you with valuable insights into how well your sales reps are actually selling.

How are they handling objections? Who is closing deals faster? What is their approach? You can use Gong to pinpoint exactly what is and isn't working with your sales team, and adapt your sales strategy accordingly.

How Gong works with Close

One of Close app's coolest features is the Power Dialer. It's the absolute best way to call a large number of leads. With Power Dialing, you can initiate a list of leads, and Close will cycle through the numbers until you get an answer. Pair this with Gong, and now you can double your call rate AND have valuable insight into the quality of those calls.


Price: Starting at $9/month


What PandaDoc does

PandaDoc is an easy-to-use document creation and management platform. It gives you the ability to generate professional business proposals, contracts, quotes, and more – all from their intuitive online builder.

Other features include creating custom templates, requesting e-signatures, and accepting payments. PandaDoc is a great app that'll accelerate deals by simplifying the process to generate, negotiate, and eSign professional proposals

How PandaDoc works with Close

By integrating with Close, you can use PandaDoc to create and send client proposals and contracts, then automatically track the progress directly within the Close app. PandaDoc can also pull all of your client’s info directly from Close to populate your contract. No copy/pasting. No errors. Always up-to-date.


Price: Starting at $25/month


What it does

SnapADDY simplifies your lead generation process. Using their tools like Grabber, you can transfer lead info from webpage directly to your CRM with a push of a button. Simply highlight the lead info on a page and SnapADDY will automatically extract, structure, and import.

SnapADDY also provides other cool features like cross-referencing new lead data with LinkedIn profiles, identifying a lead's email address, and crawling web pages for lead data...all in a snap!

How SnapADDY works with Close

Using SnapADDY, you can create and import leads directly into Close with a few strokes on the keyboard. The process is crazy simple: find a lead on a webpage, highlight the details, then use the shortcut "Ctrl+C+C". Click the Close icon and your new lead is ready for action within Close!


Price: Starting at $20/month


What it does

HelpScout handles all of your customer support needs: email, chat, and phone, all in one place. Not only can it tackle CS, but you can also use it for creating a knowledge base, collecting feedback, direct messaging, and generating reports.

How it works with Close

If you're already using HelpScout, you can connect our sidebar app to see all of your Close lead information directly within Help Scout. This will give you valuable insight into the customers you're reaching: lead status, lead owner, company description and much more. Additionally you can create new leads inside Close based on data within HelpScout.



What it does

Retool streamlines the process of building internal tools with a block-based assembly interface. Instead of spending $200K hiring a team to build a custom sales forecasting tool, with Retool, that same tool can be built from scratch in about 20 minutes. Using their platform, you can build, deploy, and manage all of your custom internal apps in one place.

Price: Starting at $0/month

How it works with Close

Using Retool, you can build a variety of apps and tools that are driven by Close data. They offer flexible components, so you can easily build an app to do just about anything. Close Pipeline View is a great example. This tool visualizes your deal pipeline so you can easily see what stage your leads are at, then take action accordingly.



What it does

LeadsBridge pushes and syncs data automatically between your marketing and sales apps. It's similar to Zapier, but more focused on lead generation and advertising. Using LeadsBridge, you can easily keep your leads up-to-date across all of your platforms, without having to deal with manual inputs or CSV importing.

Price: Starting at $29/month

How it works with Close

With Leadsbridge you can initiate automated syncing between Close and a variety of tools. Collecting lead data from platforms like Facebook, Unbounce, or Google? Make it ready and available to your sales team by pushing it directly to Close.



What it does

GetAccept is a contract management platform where you can create and send proposals, automate follow-up, sign contracts, and more. They provide document templates, so generating proposals and contracts is fast and simple. You can incorporate video in your documents, too – a fantastic feature to help you stand out from the pack.

GetAccept streamlines the entire sales process. You can create and track docs, sign deals, and automate follow up, all from their easy-to-use dashboard.

Price: Starting at $25/month

How it works with Close

With a single click inside Close, you can jump into GetAccept to create and send a new sales document. GetAccept activity will automatically push to Close app so you'll get a full overview of your sent document: when it's opened, when it’s reviewed, and when it’s signed.



What it does

Alooma is a great solution for managing your data, and works for both high or low data volume situations. It enables you to stream data from various applications, APIs, and databases, then centralize it in real time. It gives you a single point of access to all of your data, so you can achieve a better understanding of it, and the reality it depicts.

Price: Upon request

How it works with Close

If your Close data needs to be replicated and combined with data from other apps, Alooma can facilitate it. This integration will automatically map all of Close native objects, then sync it on an ongoing 30 minute schedule.

Voila Norbert


What it does

If you're on the hunt for email contacts, Voila Norbert is a great solution. You can search for email addresses using name, company, or by association. They provide real-time email validation so you'll have up to 98% deliverability rate.

Voila Norbert is not only awesome for prospecting, but for recruiting as well! They also offer an easy-to-use Chrome extension that will identify contact info while you're on the hunt.

Price: Starting at $39/month

How it works with Close

Say you’re in Close and you setup a Smart View displaying prospects that just won’t respond to cold emails. Maybe their email address isn't current? Use ViolaNorbert to track down the prospect's verified email and sync the data directly to your Close app. Voila! Now you can make sure those cold emails are getting to the inbox.



What it does

Stitch is an open source platform for managing your data pipeline. With Stitch, you can centralize all of your data from separate sources within minutes. Stitch supports over 100 SaaS sources and provides great price options that'll scale with your company’s needs.

Price: Starting at $0/month

How it works with Close

Stitch is acts as a go-between with Close and data repositories such as BigQuery. Stitch will consolidate and replicate all Close tables including organization ID, events, tasks, and more – without the headache of writing and maintaining ETL scripts.



What it does

Leadfuze gives you the ability to find new leads in an instant. You no longer have to scour the internet looking for specific lead data in a grueling case-by-case basis. Using LeadFuze’s lead generation software, you can perform broad searches based on specific roles and industries, software usage, ad spend habits, and much more.

Price: Starting at $97/month

How it works with Close

Linkfuze's Chrome extension and LinkedIn search are powerful tools to find accurate prospect contact info. Using the Close integration, you can export all previous prospects from LeadFuze to Close, then keep them automatically synced as you add new prospects!



What it does

Cardin is a simple, yet powerful extension for Gmail. It allows you to access and edit Cloud data, based on whatever email thread you have opened – all within your browser window. No more jumping around apps trying to keep everything in order. Cardin keeps the “annoying-tasks-that-should-simple”, simple.

Price: Free

How it works with Close

If you handle most of your emails within Gmail, this integration will sync all of your Close lead data: contact info, activity, status, etc – and contextually display it in-browser. You can also see pending activities such as meetings, tasks, and calls associated with the contact.

Better Proposals

better proposals copy

What it does

Better Proposals is a proposal builder app offering sleek template options and intuitive editing capabilities. Imagine Squarespace, but with proposals. Using the platform you can design, edit, and send the proposal...then track it every step of the way as it's opened, reviewed, and signed. They also handle payments too!

Price: Starting at $19/month

How it works with Close

Use Close app's powerful email capabilities to close the deal, and once they're ready to sign, jump into BetterProposals to send the contract. With this integration, all of your Close data will be synced and accessible directly within the BetterProposals app.

Cloud Elements


What it does

Integrations can sometimes be janky. Cloud Elements mitigates this by optimizing and managing your API configuration. They offer a catalog of 200+ pre-built integrations, with a variety of advanced features built in: normalized authentication, discovery APIs, search capabilities, event-driven workflows, and more.

Price: Upon request

How it works with Close: When integrating Close with Cloud Elements, you can take all of the data from the multiple applications you use (HubSpot Marketing, Stripe, InfusionSoft, etc.) and interact with it in a normalized way, focused on streamlining the connection process. Using their Conductor platform, you're also able to setup advanced workflows between applications.


What it does

With Linkmatch, you can save LinkedIn profile data directly to your CRM. It'll also keep everything in sync, so if any info is updated on LinkedIn, your lead data will automatically be updated. Link Match is not only a great option for prospecting, but for recruiting as well.

Price: $11.99/month

How it works with Close

Stumble upon a profile on LinkedIn and wonder if they're part of your lead list? This integration makes it happen. Without leaving your browser, you can quickly see what Close data you have on a particular prospect. Is it a new prospect? Add the data into Close without ever leaving LinkedIn.



What it does

Hull centralizes data from online and offline sources to create a 360 degree view of your customer accounts and contacts. Using their powerful segmentation tool, you can define and sync user data that's most relevant to your company.

Price: Starting at $450/month

How it works with Close

If you want to keep all of your leads up-to-date in Close but have multiple lead data sources, keeping things in-sync manually can be near impossible. Hull will manage all of this automatically so you’ll always have the most current and accurate lead data within Close and all of your other tools.

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