3 Ways to Boost Sales Results Using Zoom in 2023 & Beyond

3 Ways to Boost Sales Results Using Zoom in 2023 & Beyond

Stop wasting your time on phone calls where you're left wondering whether or not your sales pitch resonated with your prospect.

Phone calls are fine, but video calls are a powerful alternative. After all, facial expressions and body language reveal more than plain words.

Phone-based sales calls aren’t going anywhere. But with 92% of all customer interactions happening over the phone, video calls are an easy way to stand out from your competition.

Know what your prospects want and be prepared to provide it. Over 50% of prospects want to see a product demo on the first call—trust me, demos are easier done over Zoom than an audio-only phone call.

Give them what they want.

Time to hang up the phone and open up your computer.

Close has been remote since day one and it has never slowed us down. In fact, we keep speeding up, and now we are zooming into the future of CRM.

Sync Zoom recordings directly with your CRM

Hosting sales calls over Zoom creates a personalized touch and gives you the option to record the information for later.

With Close, Zoom calls are automatically recorded and attached to lead profiles, allowing easy access to the information shared.

These recordings will be stored alongside all the current information you have on each lead. This allows you to craft a complete profile for each prospect and understand their pain points, hesitations, and opportunities all in one view.

With this system, all sales reps have access to clients’ data and a holistic view of their information, an essential tool for the 42% of sales reps who feel they are unprepared for prospect calls.

Pre-call scrambling for past information is a thing of the past.

Our CRM organizes all your information about a lead into their file, giving you everything you need in one place.

  • Notes from past calls and team discussions
  • Previous call recordings
  • The lead’s profile

With Close, you have one-click access to all Zoom calls from inside your CRM.

What about all your past Zoom calls that are living in the Zoom cloud?

We thought about that! We integrate all past call recordings into your CRM software and attach them to the correlating lead. There’s no need to waste labor resources when we have a robot do it for you.

Refer to recordings for insights on how to close the deal

Recordings lift the stress of remembering every detail from a call and save your hand from cramping while you jot down everything of value. We all know you are going to struggle to understand that frantic handwriting anyway.

With Close’s Zoom integration, all calls are automatically recorded and linked to the lead’s profile, creating a quick click path to re-watch previous calls and pull out valuable information.

  • What piqued their interest most?
  • What pain points are most pressing?
  • What did they seem confused about?
  • Who on their team did or did not show up for the call?
  • What are their biggest hesitations and what is keeping them from pulling the trigger?

Yes, we just created a cheat code for your sales reps—and now it’s yours to leverage.

Being able to capture all these insights and have it at your team’s fingertips will build their confidence and allow them to increase lead personalization.

Any member of your sales team will be able to become an expert on any lead just by entering the lead’s profile, reading the notes, and watching a few videos on 2x speed.

Repurpose recordings for training & process improvements

Call recordings aren’t just beneficial for current sales representatives—they are also a way to reduce the burden of training.

Recordings from experienced sales reps and account executives can be used to educate new hires.

These past call recordings will show your new reps:

  • How to close the deal
  • How to talk about price
  • How to intro the call effectively
  • How to tackle common hesitations from leads
  • How to position your product’s value proposition

Include the best examples in your training kit and there you go! Repurposing instead of recreating.

Did you know that 84% of all training is forgotten after 90 days due to sales reps’ lack of information retention?

Instead of making your reps go through another full round of training, address this deficit with past recordings. Make it mandatory to review a top performers’ sales call every 90 days or so to brush up on their skills.

importance of training: how to boost sales results in 2023

There’s no need to shadow your sales reps on cold calls to see how they are doing and where improvements can be made. Instead, use call recordings as game tapes to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement in your process.

It’s time to venture into video calls

Zoom through lead prospecting by using your Zoom videos to their full potential.

  • Lead by example and utilize call recordings in your training process.
  • Cut back on the time wasted by searching for that one call that happened who knows how long ago.
  • Having recordings at your fingertips allows you to quickly understand pain points and gain direction on how to close the deal.
  • Close will integrate all your past, present, and future calls directly into the lead profile alongside your current lead information.

Cut back on searching for calls and scrambling for notes by integrating Zoom with your Close account today.

Not yet on Close but an avid Zoomer? See how Close can create a better Zoom experience with our 14-day free trial.