How to sell software with sales: Business of Software USA 2015 talk

How to sell software with sales: Business of Software USA 2015 talk

Sales automation has its place but if you want to increase your sales through the power of human interaction, Steli shows you the call and email tactics you need in his Business of Software (BoS) talk. (The transcript, slides, and notes can be found here.)

Then, get a peek into Steli's mind as Mark Littlewood, the founder of BLN, the company behind BoS, interviews Steli on entrepreneurship, sales, and more in Sales AMA!

Steli's BoS talk

Sales AMA

If you can't get enough of Business of Software, check out the Business of Software 2015 Recap by Phil & Steli, where they share their favorite takeaways from the event—with lessons from the founders of Basecamp, Kalzumeus, and Balsamiq!

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