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How to build and manage a remote sales team (with InVision, Process Street and General Assembly)

How to build and manage a remote sales team (with InVision, Process Street and General Assembly)

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Here's the recording of today's webinar about how to build and manage a remote sales team, with InVision's Ryan Burke, Process Street's Salvatore Tocco, our own Nick Persico and Steli.

In today's webinar, we heard from Ryan, Salvatore, Nick and Steli about all of their experiences (and most actionable advice) for building, transitioning to and successfully managing remote sales teams.

Whether you're considering making the switch to running a remote sales organization at your company, or you're looking for ways to better-manage your existing remote sales team, then this webinar is a must watch.

Tune in to watch a full recording of the webinar right here:

Shout out to our awesome co-hosts on today's webinar!

Ryan is the SVP of International Sales at InVision, the digital product design platform powering the world’s best user experiences. With customers like AirBnb, Amazon, HBO, Netflix and more, InVision is redefining the way companies design, create interactive prototypes, collaborate, brainstorm and execute on their next big ideas.

Salvatore is the Director of Sales at Process Street, the simple process and workflow management tool that helps teams from companies like LinkedIn, Cisco, Sheraton and thousands of startups & SMBs to successfully manage (and improve) recurring checklists, processes and procedures.

Nick is the Head of Revenue here at Close, where he leads our sales and success teams in helping thousands of inside salespeople close more deals with our CRM product. Designed by and for salespeople with the goal of maximizing sales productivity, Close is the only CRM on the market with built-in calling and a wide range of other features including automated email sequences, SMS, reporting, call automation and more.

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