Call Transferring

Call Transferring

We're excited to announce the launch of call transferring which is available right now for both inbound and outbound calls for those on our Business and Enterprise offering.

Once on a call, you'll notice the transfer icon. Each user with an eligible plan will be displayed in the drop down next to an online/offline marker indicating if they have their Close application open and are available to take calls.  Simply click on the team member to whom the call should be transferred -- your call will be hung up and they will receive an incoming call displaying the correct caller id and that you're the person transferring the call:

Here's a quick example of the current call transfer drop down and user availability indicators:


The incoming calls to the person you transferred the call to looks like this:


And here's an example of the call activity generated when a transfer takes place:


For more informaton about this feature, checkout the call transferring help article.

Happy calling!