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Creating new leads by forwarding email to Close

Creating new leads by forwarding email to Close

You can now create a new lead from your email client by simply forwarding or BCCing an email to Close. If a matching lead already exists, the email will be attached to the existing lead. Otherwise, the email addresses will be added as contacts and the email contents will be attached to a new lead. You can even automatically create new leads for every incoming email by setting up an automatic email forwarding to Close.

To get started, simply go to your Close email settings where you can find the Close email address. For details, take a look at our help article.

Email Settings

Remember that Close already comes with two-way email integration and lets you link your IMAP account. By doing this, incoming emails are attached to existing leads, but new leads are not automatically created. You can use the email forwarding feature in combination with linking your IMAP account.