Customer case study: colorPlan

Customer case study: colorPlan

How does Close save you time or increase your sales? The streamlined interface allows for clearer thinking and entering of key data and info while on a call. More time = more calls, and better data.

How did it help with the transition from outside to inside sales?

Being able to call directly from the app was the key. As a young startup, setting up new phone lines and the hardware was a barrier. Installing the app on a few computers means we can add salespeople anytime we need.

What did you use before Close? What did you dislike about it?

Salesforce. Too complex, too bloated, terrible UI and UX. It took three days to train an older salesperson to use it and he still bugged me every second day because he forgot some part or another of the process. It just had too many screens to click through to track and write in all the info related to a lead.

What are your favorite parts about Close?

The simplicity and focus of the UI.

Why did you decide to adopt Close for your team?

Everyone loved it the minute I showed them how painless it was to add a fresh lead and call them within 30 seconds.

What were some of the sales challenges before Close?

Template emails—we spent two days setting them up in Salesforce, and it still wasn't working quite right. We were even thinking of hiring a specialist to do the initial setup, but were worried about the cost and subsequent modifications

How did Close help you guys overcome them?

The simplicity of the tool meant that we were up and running in no more than three hours. We developed a much simpler protocol and added the required custom fields to support our script.

What’s the ROI of Close for you?

I'll keep you posted, we've just hired two sales technicians to cold call and set up demos for our service over the next month. As of right now, it has created a central repository for all of our leads and customer contacts. Just wish you had a mobile version so I can look up contacts from my iPhone.

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