Customer case study: Krossover

Customer case study: Krossover

What did you use before Close? Why did you decide to switch?

We used Capsule CRM prior to Close. Capsule is a nice lean CRM, but there is no way to properly track or integrate call/email activity within it. Any action that a sales rep made on a lead had to be manually documented. And of course, it was rare to have a fully documented lead.

Capsule’s data was only as good as the accuracy of the sales rep manually entering it in. Too much data entry for our liking.

Why did you decide to adopt Close for your team?

We decided on Close because of our need for heavy call integration. Our sales process relies heavily on making a high volume of calls, so whatever we chose had to be directly integrated within our CRM.

Customer Case Study: Krossover

What where some of the sales challenges before Close?

Having sales data tied to the activity of our sales team was virtually impossible before Close. We had no clarity about what it took to convert at any stage of our sales process. We also had trouble scaling our outreach because of the amount of work it would take to make a call or send an email in the first place.

How did Close help you guys overcome them?

Integrating calls and emails dramatically increased our outreach per sales person, and gave us clarity on setting expectations for the activity of our sales team. For example, we know exactly how many calls a sales person needs to make to get an opportunity. This knowledge puts in a position to reach our goals, or even better, exceed them.

What are the top five Close features for you and how do you use them?

  1. Email/call integration (the best in class)
  2. The API: Reporting, sync with other platforms we use
  3. Call Recording: Quality assurance, training, support, and call review
  4. Search: To find anything and everything we need
  5. Custom Fields: Adding crucial intelligence data to different types of leads

And the live support chat—the engineering team has been a huge help!

Customer Case Study: Krossover

Tell us more about your sales workflow in Close!

Inbound: Leads come in from our website via the API (Wufoo, Zapier) and our Director of Sales tasks the new incoming leads to reps on a rotation.

Outbound: Our marketing and ops teams targets specific leads depending on the type of sales campaign. We import leads in bulk and section them into lead lists by time zone or sales strategy. The lead lists are made using Close’s search, where we can “build a search query” for anything we need.

What’s the ROI that you have seen using Close?

With Close, our sales reps have to do 0% data entry. All of their sales tasks are within one application, where they can conduct outreach and track all of their deals in one place.

With Close, we have been able to increase a sales rep outreach by 10x, which has lead to bigger pipelines, and more revenue!

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