Customize your Phone settings on the fly with the new Phone Settings Popover

Customize your Phone settings on the fly with the new Phone Settings Popover

Spring has arrived, and so has a list of new features and improvements to Close.

Close users often use our powerful native Phone integration as their primary office phone. Instead of having a traditional desk phone, you can use Close for all of your telephony needs. You can even use Close to order a pizza for your team, even if your local pizzeria’s phone number isn’t associated with a Contact or Lead.

With our new “Phone Settings Popover”  view, we’ve made it easier to manage all of your Phone settings within Close. When you click the Phone icon in the toolbar, you can:

  • Directly dial any phone number without creating a lead first.
  • Change your audio device or Caller ID number.
  • Enable/disable Call Recording.
  • Play an audio clip to “test” your sound outputs.
  • Test your microphone volume to confirm your microphone device works.
  • Copy your current phone number.

Learn more about the Phone Settings Popover.

Redesigned Lead Importer home screen

We launched a new look for our Lead Importer that will make it easier to select an import method and manage your previous imports. In addition, we fixed a bug that made it difficult to paste CSV content using hotkeys. Pressing CMD/CTRL + Enter works as expected now.

Manage “Choices” custom fields directly from the Lead page

The “Choices” custom field allows you append data to a lead by selecting from a list of choices. Previously, you could only add/manage the choices from your Organization settings.

Now Admins can make changes to the custom field directly from the Lead Page:

Modify the users and phone numbers participating on a Group Number

It’s now possible to modify the users and phone numbers participating on an existing Group Number without contacting the Support team.

Here’s what you can manage:

  • The name of the Group Number
  • Add/replace the Group Number’s voicemail greeting
  • Enable/edit the Group Number’s forwarding number
  • Edit/add/remove the users and numbers participating in the Group Number

To manage an existing Group Number, go to your Phone Settings and select the Group Number:

See who created a task on the Lead page

For added context on Tasks, you can hover over the avatar for the person assigned to a task and see which user created it:

Minor bug fixes and improvements

Last month, we made significant updates to our Zapier integration and made it possible to customize columns on the Opportunities view. Here’s a list of recent improvements we made to improve your Close experience in the last few weeks:

  • Phone numbers can now be  dialed directly when tapping them on mobile.
  • Keyboard shortcut modal now closes (instead of freezing browser) when typing “?” more than once.
  • Bugfix: When modifying an email followup, always explicitly mark it as incomplete.
  • Fixed some issues with how the graphs in the Lead Status Change report are displayed.
  • Improved the UX of the active call bar. Previously, the “hangup” button might not have been responsive in some scenarios, especially on a slower Internet connection.
  • Bugfix: The “All Time” reporting filter would sometimes show wrong results.
  • Fix so that Close works in Safari’s Private Browsing mode.
  • Explorer displays a tip hinting how you can toggle series visibility if more than one series is displayed.

As always, our Support and Success teams are here to help with any questions you have. You can contact Support here or contact your Success manager directly.