Dealing with rejection in sales: The $8 million difference

Dealing with rejection in sales: The $8 million difference

I recently came across this little interview on Business Insider with Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran and thought it's a must-see for anyone working in sales.

In the video, Corcoran highlights two simple traits that differentiated the top performers from the under-performers in her sales team:

  1. Having something to prove or a chip on your shoulder.
  2. Being able to emotionally deal with rejection.

These two trait made up the difference between salespeople making $40,000 and those making $8 million per year in her organization!

Watch the video here. Its well worth the 2:29 minutes.

So let's take this as an inspiration to do some "sales soul searching" shall we?

Invest 5 minutes and answer these four sales rejection questions for yourself and your sales team:

  1. Do I have something to prove? If so, what is it?
  2. How do I feel when I get rejected?
  3. Does rejection slow me down?
  4. What are my rituals/habits to cope with daily rejection?

Take some time to honestly evaluate your answers and ask yourself what you can do today to improve your emotional stability and dramatically improve your ability to handle rejection in sales.

Click here if you want to learn the three simple tactics to prepare yourself and others to deal with rejection!