Drip email campaigns from Close via DripEmails.com

Drip email campaigns from Close via DripEmails.com

We're happy to announce the launch of DripEmails.com – a third-party tool built to make managing drip email campaigns from Close a breeze.

This tool was built by one of our customers, Taylor Brooks of Simple Donation, because he wanted an easy way to send drip email sequences to specific leads from Close.

While there are lots of great tools for sending drip emails (including Drip), none of the others are built completely around Close for your contact management.

DripEmails.com allows you to connect your Close account and define "sequences" from your Close Email Templates. Sequences consist of a name, list of templates, and the number of days between each email.

Then, from Close you simply choose your sequence name on lead(s) in the "Drip Emails" custom field created for you. You can do this from a lead page or via Bulk Edit.

Any leads with this custom field set will start receiving the emails in your sequence.

Check out this quick demo video to learn how it works:

To get started and learn more, just head to DripEmails.com or contact Taylor at hello@dripemails.com.

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