Efficiency and Segmentation for Lead Generation - Darren Wadell Talk SalesHackerConf

by Phil Freo

Close is at today’s Sales Hacker Conference in San Francisco and we’ll be taking notes and sharing the best talks of the conference with you. List of all talks.

DARREN WADDELL, VP of Marketing Radius Intelligence

DARREN WADDELL, VP of Marketing Radius Intelligence

A lot of folks when talking about their sales teams start talking positively but the more they dive into their sales team the more frustrations they share.

Managers are always looking for more efficient sales people.

Efficiency in Sales

  • You need to develop sale speople instead of letting them fend for themselves

  • You need to provide training for sales people

  • You need to divide work (work specialization)

  • You have to give them the best tools

  • You need to try different things to figure out what works best, and when you find a solution that works, standardize it.

Segmentation for Sales

  • Asks SaaS companies “who is your target company”

  • A lot of people say ‘small businesses”

  • Darren probes them further to try and get more specific.  The more specific you are about who you target audience is - the better it will be

Your target should not be “whoever picks up the phone.”

  • That is a a bad business model.  You should segment your target customers and iterate on your process.

Successful sales is about segmenting your audience and finding out who is most likely to buy and targeting them. No two segments are the same

Great Quote: Technology is beneficial as a labor saving devide, but we should not expect machines to do our thinking for us.



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