Email Autocomplete

Email Autocomplete

Happy Thursday, Closers!

We have another improvement to email sending experience in Close, in addition to the just-launched email follow-ups feature!

When composing an email in Close, the To/CC/BCC fields used to be simple text fields for entering an email address:


While you could always click another contact's email address to add additional recipients to an email, we still thought this flow was still suboptimal. We also know that you often want to CC coworkers on an email, which meant you had to type out those email addresses manually each time.

We're happy to announce we now have autocomplete on these email recipient fields! This should save you time and prevent typos.

You can start typing a contact name or email address and you'll see an autocomplete field:


The list includes all email addresses from the lead's contacts. It also includes all your coworker's email addresses (that have Close accounts).

Additionally, we've improved the UI of the field to emphasize the contact's name and make the field multi-line when you add a lot of recipients.


As always, we welcome your feedback at!