Email editor improvements & squashing more bugs

Email editor improvements & squashing more bugs

We've made improvements to the email editor and how you create email templates. We've also fixed many of the most annoying bugs in Close.

Email improvements & bug fixes

1. You can now drag an image directly into the editor to have it automatically upload & embed.


2. The email template dropdown to insert template tags now includes a separate entry for each custom field. You no longer need to remember your custom field names when inserting them.


3. We did a major upgrade to the HTML/WYSIWYG editor used in composing emails. It includes a significant number of bug fixes and performance improvements:

  • Pasting an image into the editor actually uploads it to our server, rather than including the image as base64, since Gmail often wouldn’t display those inline images properly.
  • Pasting a URL into the editor will automatically link it.
  • The formatting toolbar now appears below the textbox to help give more focus to your content when sending a quick email.
  • Close does not crash or freeze anymore when replying to certain emails.
  • Typing should be much faster now when replying to certain emails.
  • Fixes inability to type é when replying to certain emails.
  • Fixes inability to create a tel: or sms: link in your emails.
  • You can now use some simple email template tags as link URL values in templates. (Details)

4. And more...

  • Extra line breaks no longer appear when viewing and replying to emails composed by Outlook that contain inline images.
  • Fixed bug where From field was showing up with no initial value when writing a new email.

Easier to identify leads during Merge or Assign

Added status labels to the modal shown when merging leads and assigning calls from unknown numbers. This way you get more context about the leads you search for, making assignment and merging easier.


Search & reporting improvements

  • Fixed an issue when searching for non-existent user name together with certain other keywords gives incorrect results.
  • In Status Change Report view, expanded sections will be persisted in the URL so that returning to this view via the browser’s Back button will match the previous state. In addition, the URL will now include additional data so that shared links will override the user’s local settings.
  • Fixed a bug where inbound calls to a user you removed from your organization would still show up in reporting.
  • Fixed an issue that you couldn’t search for old emails using template name that was renamed.

Switching between multiple organizations is now better

  • You’re now redirected to the most logical page after switching orgs, rather than always getting sent back to Inbox. E.g. if you changed an org while on the lead search page, you’ll now remain on the lead search page instead of the new organization’s Inbox.
  • Switching from org A to org B and then back to A would cause reporting pages to never load.
  • Task assignee dropdown would sometimes show users from the previous org after a switch.
  • Opportunity status dropdowns would sometimes show statuses from the previous org after a switch.

And more

  • Authorization popups during email account creation or importing data via Import2 no longer get caught by popup blockers.
  • Better handling of currency symbols and percent signs when converting custom fields to numeric. Previously, switching a custom field type from Text to Number would make values like “$1,000” or “100%” disappear. Now they are correctly transformed into numbers (e.g. “1000” or “100”).
  • Fixed: When snoozing an opportunity-due inbox item, the opportunity date is now always properly updated to reflect the change.

As always, we welcome any feedback!