Email Finders: 15 Tools to Find High-Quality Leads Fast in 2023

Email Finders: 15 Tools to Find High-Quality Leads Fast in 2023

Generating high-value leads for your sales pipeline is integral to your sales management, conversion, and growth strategy.

An email finder tool will help you identify and collect valid email addresses and other contact information, allowing you to generate a list of qualified leads. While you can manually find emails, email finder tools will save you a ton of time and produce much better results, with high-quality leads being generated.

Before we compare tools, we'll cover what an email finder tool is, what types there are (based on their main features), and the benefits of using one to generate leads.

What An Email Finder Tool Is + Why You Should Use One

An email finder tool is an app, web browser, or browser extension that finds and collects email addresses that sales teams can then use for outreach.

With the right email finder tool, you can ensure a higher delivery rate and automate much of your lead generation process to increase sales.

Before we dive into all the benefits, we’ll help distinguish the different types of tools that fall under the broader category of email finders.

Email Finder Tool Types and Common Features

There are many different types of email finder tools that perform similar–and sometimes overlapping–functions. Here are a few key differences between email finder tools that will help you choose the right one for your needs:

Tool type

Also referred to as


Lead Database

Company Database

Database of already verified and authentic contact details, that you gain access to as a user

Email Finder

Finds and collects email addresses based on a number of parameters, such as name, company, and domain

Email Extractor

Domain Search

Find and extract all email addresses from a website domain, a list of website URLs, social networking sites, or a portion of copy text

Email Checker

Email Verifier, Email Tester, Email Validation, Email Verification

Validate and verify email addresses for authenticity, checking email syntax, domain servers, and more

Email Guesser

Email Guessing Tool, Email Syntax Checker

Predicts standard or common email patterns and outputs potential variations for professional and business emails

Contact Enrichment

Data Enrichment, Lead Enrichment

Gain additional contact information using the current information you have on an individual, such as their email, name, or place of work

Lead Management

Your teams can manage your lists of leads using the same tool that finds and collects email addresses

Email Sender

Outreach, Drip Campaign

Manage prospect outreach, allowing you to send emails, initiate marketing campaigns, and otherwise connect with leads

Email Tracker

Track and monitor sent email effectiveness, using metrics such as delivery, open, response, and conversion rates

Benefits of Using an Email Finder Tool

While you can collect email addresses and other contact details the old fashioned way, an email finder tool offers clear benefits.

  • Save time and effort: An automated process means your team members can collect email addresses (and other contact details) in bulk, saving time and effort. This time also frees up team members for other tasks.
  • Connect with key decision-makers: Target your contact outreach by finding the best point of contact at a business, acquiring top talent through recruitment, and helping you develop B2B partnerships and other relationships.
  • Accurate contact details: Contact information is reliable, accurate, and trustworthy, leading to high-value leads.
  • Reduce bounce rate: Limit your email delivery bounce rate by collecting valid email addresses and contact details. Many tools verify emails are valid before sending them to you.
  • Increase delivery rate and ROI: Using tools that gather trustworthy lead data will ensure a higher delivery, open, and response rate and more conversions. 🚀

Compare Email Finders at a Glance

There are a lot of different features of email-finding tools. To make it easy to compare them at a glance, we've listed each email finder tool below and what core features they offer.

Further in the article, we break down each tool, highlighting what makes them stand out, additional pricing details, and a full description of what the solution offers. To read more about any of the tools in the list below, simply click the name of the email finder tool.

Email Finder Tool


Search by Name

Domain Search

Bulk Domain Search

Social Network Search

Email Verification

Additional Features

$0/mo to $399/mo

Outreach, API + more


$0/mo to $199+/mo



$0/mo to $399/month

SERP + Google Maps email extractor

Datanyze Insider




$0/mo to $399/mo


Voila Norbert

$49/mo to $499/mo | Prepaid






$132.30/mo to 447.30+/mo

Sales Management


$0/mo to $399/mo

Lead Management


$0/mo to $299/mo



$89/mo to $149/mo | Pay-as-you-go



$59/mo to $299/mo



$39/mo to $578/mo


Best Email Finder Tools to Generate Sales Leads

When your goal is to find accurate emails that you can turn into valuable leads, you need a tool that focuses on finding reliable contact details.

The following tools include a variety of essential email finder features, including professional email lookup, email extraction, email verification, and lead management.

Here are our top three picks 👇


💰Cost: $0/mo (freemium gets you 25 searches/mo + 50 verifications/mo) to $399/mo (30,000 searches)

✔️The best thing about it: Find emails in seconds and connect with decision-makers that matter

🧑‍💻Availability: Web app, Browser extension, Google Sheets, API

hunter email finder

Image source

Hunter finds accurate email addresses for potential leads and prospects.

Use the domain search to find contact info at companies you are interested in partnering with. It also has an email finder to find individuals' contact details, which can then be authenticated using the email verifier.

It also has a simple email campaign tool you can use from your Gmail (or Google Workspace) account that's available even with a free account.

Best features:

  • Hunter combines data from website scraping and historical email patterns to find more accurate results
  • Use the domain searcher to find the email addresses of all employees in a company by entering its website into the search box

2. Lusha

💰Cost: $0/mo (5 credits) to $199/mo (300 credits). Custom pricing for Enterprise

✔️The best thing about it: Find email addresses and phone numbers for prospective leads

🧑‍💻Availability: Web app, Browser extension

lusha email finder

Quickly and easily find email addresses and phone numbers for prospective leads using Lusha.

With more advanced plans, you can export contact details and automatically integrate with your CRM, making it easy to find and collect valuable leads and then add them to your workflow process, so you send outreach emails.

Best features:

  • Lusha's browser extension can pull data about decision-makers straight from the company's website
  • Beef up existing prospect data in your CRM. Lusha can fill gaps in a prospect's profile by pulling data from LinkedIn and other trustworthy sources

3. Spylead

💰Cost: 25 free emails a month once you sign up. Paid plans start at $39/month for 1500 credits

✔️The best thing about it: Use LinkedIn or Sales Navigator searches to build a prospect database containing verified email addresses

🧑‍💻Availability: Web app, Browser extension

spylead email finder

Spylead is an email finder for LinkedIn, Google maps, and SERP, allowing you to build B2B databases using the Chrome extension in just a few clicks.

Scrape multiple data points and keep prospect data up to date so you can write personalized emails that catch their attention. Your team can even organize data into a custom email list and download it to CSV.

Best features:

  • Spylead can find 20+ data points to create detailed prospect profiles
  • The bulk email finder can scrape data for 100 contacts a minute to fill your pipeline quickly
  • One of the more affordable options

Best Email Finders For Searching a Website Domain and Social Network

Email extractor tools specialize in domain search. By crawling and extracting email addresses from a specific company domain or social networking site, they are able to find emails automatically in seconds (sometimes in bulk.)

If you are looking exclusively for email extractors, we compare the top email extraction tools in another post. Below are some of our top best email extractor tool picks 👇

4. Datanyze Insider

💰Cost: Free!

✔️The best thing about it: Build a highly targeted email list of prospects

🧑‍💻Availability: Browser extension

datanyze email finder

Datanyze Insider allows you to research accounts to build specifically targeted prospect lists for your business. You can then export these contact lists to make them useful to your sales team, integrating them into your outreach process. As a Google Chrome integration, this tool is extremely easy to use.

Best features:

  • Grab email addresses, direct dial and mobile numbers directly from a prospect’s LinkedIn profiles and company website
  • It scrapes information from a prospect’s social media feed and mentions in media publications to help you personalize outreach efforts

5. GetEmail

💰Cost: $0/mo (10 credits) to $399/mo (10,000 credits)

✔️The best thing about it: Find anyone's email within seconds

🧑‍💻Availability: Web app

get mail email finder

GetEmail leverages big data and machine learning to find email addresses from professionals at any company almost instantly. Search for contacts and find valuable leads that allow you to connect with relevant contacts at the business you want to partner with or sell to–all within seconds.

Best features:

  • The free Chrome extension pulls information from prospect LinkedIn profiles in a single click.
  • GetEmail determines if email addresses are invalid or duplicates, so you don't waste time contacting dead ends

Useful Email Finder Services for Email Validation and Verification

Sales teams have a lot on their plate. They must gather high-value, qualified leads if they have a shot at converting new customers.

Here's where an email checker is invaluable. It verifies email addresses to ensure they're active and authentic to increase your delivery rate and chances of closing more deals.

For a list of tools that function exclusively to verify email addresses, see our article on the best email checker tools. Below are the best email finder tools out there with email verification features 👇

6. Voila Norbert

💰Cost: Free for the first 50 credits up to $499/mo for 50,000 credits.

✔️The best thing about it: Flexible pricing with pay-as-you-go email verification and enrichment options

🧑‍💻Availability: Web app

nobert email finder

Manage all of your outreach with Voila Norbert, filling your workflow with verified leads, building contact lists for business contacts, tracking down the best talent to recruit, and connecting with the right people for PR and marketing initiatives. Pay-as-you-go email verification and enrichment make plans flexible.

Best features:

  • Find individual or bulk emails by entering a prospect's full name, company name or domain into the search box. Voila Norbert will then return an email list that you can export to CSV, XLCX, or Google Sheets
  • API that can integrate with an existing tech stack, including your CRM and Google Sheets

7. EmailHippo

💰Cost: Free!

✔️The best thing about it: Verify email addresses using syntax and spam assessments

🧑‍💻Availability: Webpage

email hippo email finder

Email Hippo is a little more technical than some of the other email finders and verifiers on our list.

Input any email address, and Email Hippo will assess the email address and output a quality score. This will help your sales team determine that an email address is valid and ensure that it meets your parameters for a qualified lead.

Best features:

  • Email Hippo's complex algorithm looks at an email's features (like syntax) to determine whether it's real or not
  • The tool's API can be used for real-time spam and abuse detection on a list of up to 500,000 emails

Best Email Finder Solutions for B2B Sales and Partnerships

Many email finders can be used for B2B sales and relationship development, but there are a small number of tools out there specially designed for this purpose.

Here are some of the best B2B email finders out there 👇

8. LeadFuze

💰Cost: $132.30/mo (500 credits) to $447.30/mo (2,500 credits). Enterprise customers must contact LeadFuze for custom pricing

✔️The best thing about it: Find leads by name or industry and automate outreach campaigns

🧑‍💻Availability: Web app

leadfuze email finder

LeadFuze helps locate targeted leads based on market, business, or even a specific person. Their AI-powered system automates lead verification and allows you to easily add them to your outreach campaigns so emails can be automatically sent to potential leads.

Best features:

  • It double-checks email validity, so you don't get blacklisted or penalized for bounced emails
  • Integrations with tools like Close, Salesforce and Zapier mean LeadFuze will slot seamlessly into your existing tech stack

9. GetProspect

💰Cost: $0/mo (100 emails) to $399/mo (50,000 emails)

✔️The best thing about it: Search leads based on specific criteria to generate and track prospects

🧑‍💻Availability: Web app

Get prospect email finder

GetProspect is a prospecting tool for lead generation, finding you emails of potential contacts based on your search criteria. Filter your email search based on various criteria, so every search is targeted to the most valuable results. You can then track and manage your leads within GetProspect to simplify your prospecting efforts.

Best features:

  • Extract prospect information like full names, job titles, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles and much more with a couple of clicks
  • GetProspect instantly pulls business email addresses from public sources when you input a prospect's company domain

10. Skrapp

💰Cost: $0/mo (150 emails) to $299/mo (50,000 emails)

✔️The best thing about it: Specialized lead generation tool to find decision-makers

🧑‍💻Availability: Web app, Browser extension

Skrapp email finder

Image source

Skrapp helps professionals find verified B2B email addresses from decision-makers at the business they want to connect with. Find individual email addresses, collect them in bulk, and perform domain name searches to collect emails from a website quickly. You can then export this data and reformat it for your sales team.

Best features:

  • Verify professional email addresses found on Linkedin and Sales Navigator
  • It indexes public sources like web pages and predicts prospect emails based on existing patterns and email servers.

Best Email Finder Services That Include Outreach Capabilities

Email finder tools can go beyond simple lead generation and management.

Many have other built-in features, from email sending and marketing to lead scoring and  full-blown outreach campaigns.

Here are some of the best email finders with extra features to help with prospect outreach 👇

11. Overloop (formerly prospect)

💰Cost: $89/mo (250 credits) to $149/mo (1,000 credits) | Pay-as-you-go $39 (250 credits) to $299 (5,000 credits)

✔️The best thing about it: Find, collect, score and reach out to leads

🧑‍💻Availability: Web app, Browser extension

overloop email finder

Overloop is a multichannel sales automation platform that lets you build prospect lists, automate outbound communication and campaigns, and track down the best talent efficiently. The ability to purchase additional Email Finder credits as needed makes the plan extremely flexible!

Best features:

  • Extract lead data from LinkedIn and create email sequences in seconds
  • Overloop will automatically follow up with a lead if they don't reply to your LinkedIn message using their email address found during prospecting

12. RocketReach

💰Cost: $59/mo (125 credits) to $299/mo (833 credits)

✔️The best thing about it: Connect directly with leading decision-makers at companies

🧑‍💻Availability: Web app, Browser extension

rocket reach email finder

Make direct connections with leading decision-makers using RocketReach, significantly improving the impact of your outreach. Find accurate, current contact details such as emails, phone numbers, job titles, and social media links. Integrate this into your sales teams workflow to connect with the right prospects.

Best features:

  • Verify hundreds of prospect emails at once using the Bulk Lookups feature. Just upload a CSV file, and RocketReach will do the rest
  • Share promising leads with the rest of your sales reps using the team lookups feature


💰Cost: $39/mo (1,000 credits) to $578/mo (100,000 credits)

✔️The best thing about it: Integrate leads directly with your CRM and drip campaigns

🧑‍💻Availability: Web app, browser extension

Snov email finder

Snov helps you scale your business and engage leads for the greatest impact, allowing you to grow your sales, revenue, and business.

Find emails through specific name, domain, and company searches. Verify emails to ensure high deliverability and integrate these leads into your drip campaigns to gain traction.

Best features:

  • Verify lead email addresses instantly when you're prospecting using the extension
  • See what tools a prospect is using. Snov's extension shows if a prospect is using a competitor's technology so you can use that information in your outreach efforts

Top Sales Management and Automation Tools

If you need more than just an email-finding tool, there are sales management and automation services out there that can handle your entire sales funnel and workflow.

Below are some of the best sales management tools on the market 👇

14. Leadfeeder

💰Cost: $0/mo (100 credits). Paid plans start at $55/mo.

✔️The best thing about it: Track and reach out to website visitors in real-time

🧑‍💻Availability: Web app

leadfeeder email finder

Image source

Monitor your website visitors, tracking how they found your business and what content they are most interested in.

These leads are then enriched with company and contact information so you can effectively contact decision-makers at the companies you want to reach out to. You can even automate outreach!

Best features:

  • Each lead is scored based on the pages they visit on your website (so you know which ones to follow up with!)
  • Leads can be separated into segments using behavioral and demographic filters, so it's easier to create personalized pitches

15. LeadBoxer

💰Cost: $195/mo (Unlimited); $495 (Unlimited)

✔️The best thing about it: Find and qualify prospects based on their profile and browsing behavior

🧑‍💻Availability: Web app

leadboxer email finder

Optimize your lead identification and qualification workflow using LeadBoxer.

Find, track, and manage prospective customers and determine the value of the generated leads based on their profile data and behavior. You can then segment customers and create personas to better target your outreach to prospects.

Best features:

  • The tool's lead-scoring system automatically qualifies high-quality leads
  • Leadboxer's firmographic and technographic tools help you automatically fill in missing prospect data

Which Email Finder Will You Use to Get High-Quality Leads?

Now that you know the different types of email finder tools and have compared the best email finder tools on the market, you can choose the right tool and start collecting email addresses for your lead lists.

Load them into your sales outreach solution and start engaging quality prospects.

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