Email integration done right

Email integration done right

Plenty of SaaS products claim email as a core focus—but none of them have a more seamless email integration than Close. Here are just a few of the ways we ensure Close’s email experience is best-in-class.

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Automatic 2-way sync

Getting important client emails into your CRM is essential. Our email synchronization works no matter what email provider you have or language your messages are in.

By utilizing a standard IMAP connection, we’re able to ensure you’re never trapped into a CRM-specific email integration. We even make sure to pull in emails sent outside of Close so you’re never stuck using only our email composition functionality.

Historic emails

Want to have emails exchanged with leads from a year ago? Or two? We can sync all of those old messages into your Close organization. And, if you have privileged historic messages, use our forward/BCC feature for extra granularity.

Create a lead (or contact) via BCC

Basic Email Receiving

One unique email address for your account allows you to create new leads, add new recipients to emails as contacts, or simply add an email to a lead’s activity stream even if the conversation may have taken place on another email account.

The best part is you don’t have to make any of those decisions before forwarding a message to Close—we take care of assigning emails intelligently so you don’t have to.

Per-recipient open tracking

Pre-recipient Open Traking

Ever send an email to several people and wondered when each individual opened the message? Or maybe you wanted to know if one person had opened it a few times?

We know questions like these are an important part of the sales process—so we designed our email tracking system to fire off a tracking event uniquely identifying recipients within the same message utilizing a little-known part of the SMTP spec, RCPT TO.

Store sent mail in IMAP

The source for every email you send should be your mailbox. No more switching between your mail client and your CRM to find an email you sent. If you like living inside your existing mail client we have you covered. We store every message you send through Close in your IMAP mailbox so you always have access to them.

Many SaaS applications claim “email integration” of some sort, but we’ve gone the extra mile in order to ensure email will always be as tightly integrated into our experience as possible. And this is just the beginning—keep an eye out for even more subtle productivity boosters coming from our email team.