Email Response Rate + faster loading in Reporting

Email Response Rate + faster loading in Reporting

We've recently launched improvements to our existing Reporting pages in Close.

The first is that we added "Response Rate" and "# Responded" to the "Sent Emails" report. This allows you to view your overall email response rate, as well as compare the response rates (along with open rates) by each of your email templates.

The existing Open Rate number gives you insight into which subject lines are getting your emails opened, and this new Response Rate information allows you to compare which of your emails are prompting people to reply. We hope you'll be able to use this information to craft better sales email templates. (See here for advice on writing better sales emails.)


Note: Open Rate tells you how many of your emails were opened, as counted by "pixel tracking". Response Rate tells you how many of your emails got replies in the same email thread after your original email was sent. In some cases, it's possible that your Response Rate can be higher than your Open Rate, since we can't count your email as opened if the recipient has images turned off in their email client.

Additionally, we made significant performance improvements to both the Activity Report and the Sent Emails report. For a while now, these pages could take far too long to load. We rewrote the backend of how both these reports are generated so they now load much faster, especially for looking at reports with longer date ranges.