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Exporter updates

Exporter updates

We have rolled out an updated version of our data exporter. Here’s a list of improvements and how you can benefit from them:

  • All the exports include all your custom fields and Smart Fields (e.g. times_communicated, last_email_direction, etc.), the columns you set up in the search grid included. You no longer need to download multiple CSVs and cross-reference IDs to figure out if a given opportunity corresponds to a lead with a specific custom field. More context in a single spreadsheet = better.
  • Contacts’ first and last names are included in the export as separate columns. If you’re using any external email marketing tools, this will help greatly with constructing your email templates.
  • Exports are compressed. This has a couple of advantages: it makes the exporting process faster on our side (since uploading your data to our online storage often took a long time), and it makes your downloads quicker.
  • Addresses in the contacts' export are handled fine now. There was a minor glitch which sometimes caused the address cells to be empty.
  • You can include activities in your Leads JSON export for a full backup of all your Close data.

Last but not least, for all the devs out there, we also updated the API docs. You can programmatically schedule your data backups, and choose exactly the fields you need exported.

To learn more about exporting capabilities of Close, see our help article.