What happens when you go the extra mile: The cleaning lady hustle

What happens when you go the extra mile: The cleaning lady hustle

Here's another example of what some good, old-fashioned hustle can do for you. Even if what you're going after is not to close a major deal or build your own business, even if what you want is to "just" get a good job at a company, hustling can get you—or the people you care about—there.

Back in Germany, one of my best friends from childhool wanted to get a job, and he was asking me (the guy who never had a real job in his life) for advice on how to polish his CV and upgrade his application. And while we tried to hack his job application, his mom was doing something else.

She was working hard. She was a cleaning lady, working the night shift. She didn't speak German. She didn't have a fancy degree. She had two hands and probably the most amazing attitude the manager of that company ever saw, because as soon as he learned that her son was looking for a job, he invited him in for a job interview. He probably figured that the son of a lady who applied herself in this manner to a cleaning job would make for the kind of employee he wanted.

He didn't hesitate to give him the job, even though there were many other applicants with better CVs and higher qualifications.

In life, there's no job or task insignificant enough to not create amazing opportunities and open doors for yourself and the people you love if you do it right and do it better than anyone else.

Here's what I want you to do ...

Take the story of this cleaning lady as an inspiration to do every little thing you do today better, with more energy, more enthusiasm and hustle than you've ever done it before. You go the extra mile to over-deliver and see for yourself the amazing power of the hustle.

See for yourself the doors that are going to open for you and the people you love, the opportunities that are going to come up and the inner pride and fulfillment you're going to feel by doing things the right way.

And I actually want you to focus on the shittiest things you have to do. Take the things you hate the most, the things that are the least significant, and do them with an energy, a passion, a focus and attention to detail and a love as if it's the most important thing in your life. And see what's going to happen next ...