Feb/Mar product updates: new search keywords and more

Feb/Mar product updates: new search keywords and more

It's been too long since our last product update! Over the past few months our engineering team has been working hard on infrastructure/stability, growing our engineering team, and launching integrations. We're happy that we have product updates to announce today, and we also expect to resume user-facing product updates at more regular intervals.

Here are some of the things we've added in February and March.

1. Transfer calls to your call forwarding number. If you have call forwarding setup and are on a plan that supports Call Transferring, you can now transfer a live call to your call forwarding number. This means if you're on a call at your computer and want to continue the call from your cell phone, you can just transfer it there.

2. Relative Date Search Keywords.


For any search query involving a date field, you can now use relative dates like "tomorrow", "this week", "this month", "this quarter", "this year", "last week", "last month", etc.

3. Limit keyword in search. If you have a search query that you want to limit to only the first 100 results, you can use the new search keyword like limit: 100. This is especially useful if you want to send a Bulk Email to a Smart View, but only in small batches per day instead of the entire list.

4. Slice keyword in search. If you have ever wanted to split a list of leads among multiple salespeople, the slice keyword may help. The slice keyword is great when you want to make sure the same people aren't working on the same leads.

If you had a Smart View called "Hot Leads" that you wanted to split up among 3 different people (without overlapping) then 1 person could use a query slice:1/3 in:"Hot Leads" to get one third of the leads, person 2 could use slice:2/3 in:"Hot Leads" to get a different third of the leads, and person 3 could use slice:3/3 in:"Hot Leads" to get the remaining third.

Note: the number of leads in each "slice" may not be exactly equal because `slice` is more concerned about making sure the same lead never appears in different slices, even if the query after the slice keyword is different.

4. The Edit Email Template page now shows which user created the template. Helpful if you have a large number of shared templates to know which coworker created it.

5. The "Show lead"/"Show opportunities" links in the Explorer tooltips are now centered, which makes them much easier to click on.

6. New users from the US or Canada now get phone numbers automatically provisioned with an area code near them, instead of a randomly chosen one.

7. The "press 1 to accept" prompt in forwarded calls can now be disabled (by emailing support) to help special cases of forwarding calls to another phone system.

8. Call forwarding can now be setup for ring group phone numbers (by emailing support).

9. In addition to user name searches like created_by:"Gob Bluth", you can now also search by ID like created_by:user_scOgjLAQD6aBSJYBVhIeNr6FJDp8iDTug8Mv6VqYoFn. This may come in handy for API integrations.

10. Fixed a bug that prevented some emails from being expanded/displayed properly.

11. Email sending reliability has been improved so emails won't unnecessary remain stuck in outbox.