How to to generate higher volumes of qualified leads with Alex Berman of Experiment 27 and Ryan Robinson

How to to generate higher volumes of qualified leads with Alex Berman of Experiment 27 and Ryan Robinson
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Here's the recording of today's webinar on how to generate a higher volume of well-qualified leads with Experiment 27's Alex Berman and your truly from Close.

We had a couple of last minute cancellations for today's webinar, unfortunately. Kenan from ZenProspect couldn't make it, and Steli was out of pocket as well—so today's conversation about lead generation was between Alex Berman and I.

In this webinar, Alex and I talk about the most effective inbound AND outbound lead generation tactics we're seeing work best for B2B startups and SMBs today (from lessons learned through years of lead generation). Topics today include nailing your outbound prospecting strategy with cold emailing (both individualized and at-scale) & improving your cold calling success rates. We also cover how we've driven over 200,000 qualified inbound leads through content marketing with blog content, videos and audio here at Close.

Tune in to the full recording of the webinar right here:

Big thanks to Alex Berman of Experiment 27 for making this happen with us today!

Alex is the CEO of Experiment 27, where he and his team help dozens of digital agencies with generating more leads, getting more referrals, and launching high-converting outbound selling campaigns. They're your  outsourced, all-in-one marketing team that brings in new customers or manages your current team to hit their lead goals.

About me: I'm a content marketer extraordinaire here at Close, as well as the writing 💪 behind the blog, and 🗣 behind the podcast, The Side Hustle Project where I teach 200,000+ monthly readers and listeners how to start and grow a profitable side hustle.

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