Get a daily sales motivation boost

by Steli Efti

In the past months, we've been working on a little project to help you be a better sales person.

Here's what it's all about:

Throughout my more than 15 years in sales, managing sales teams, coaching thousands of sales professionals and personally closing tens of millions of dollars in deals in various industries, there's one thing that became really clear to me:

The most important factor that will determine how successful you'll be in the game of sales is the level of energy you bring to the table... every single day.


How motivated and inspired do you feel to deliver your personal peak performance day after day?

Whether you hardly can bring yourself to make the next sales call, or you're already hyper-motivated to close the next deal... here's always room for improvement.

Which is why I'll send you a new sales motivation video every day if you're up for the challenge.

Each day, I'll send you a 60-second video.

In the video I'll share a sales motivation quote and an action item to help you take your sales game to the next level.

60 seconds (or less) because no matter how busy, overwhelmed or squeezed for time you are... you can fit this into your schedule.

Every day because consistency is what separates good from great sales people.

So let's strike a deal:

I'm asking you to invest 60 seconds every single day to get yourself into peak-state.

As long as you're committed to do that, you'll get an motivational sales quote video from me every day via email. 


Let's do this:

Go to that page and put in your email now. It's gonna be a fun ride, I promise...