How Global Database sped up their outbound prospecting by 70%

How Global Database sped up their outbound prospecting by 70%

I don't have to tell you twice: 2020 has been a rollercoaster. We've never had a year quite like this and as such, many businesses—and their employees—are dealing with one overwhelming adrenaline rush.

Yet, despite these unexpected twists and turns, it's not the time to give up or rest. It's time to get smarter.

Global Database is one company that's stepped it up in 2020, optimizing their sales tools and workflow for maximum impact. Here's how they did it.

Data, delivered

Global Database provides an array of solutions aimed at enhancing the workflow of B2B companies worldwide, targeting marketers, analysts, and risk managers. In essence, they're a B2B data provider. They've created an incredible database of 70 million company profiles and contact details from 195 countries. We're talking about A LOT of data.

The team only collects this B2B data from reliable sources and works to keep it all properly updated and maintained. The result? Over 95% data accuracy.

For the Global Database team, getting this data into the hands of the right customers required a sales tool built for speed and volume. Relying on multiple apps—or worse, a thousand open tabs—wouldn't cut it. With a sales cycle that ranges between two and twelve months, they needed a streamlined, organized approach. They needed a high-performance CRM. More on that below.

Email sequences for highly-personalized flows

One of the services Global Database provides is its Sales and Marketing platform. It includes the contact information for millions of employees worldwide, including important decision-makers. It's also easy-to-use, intuitive, and accurate.

Lead generation has long been a pain point for businesses in every vertical. It's even harder to get detailed firmographic data on your leads and prospects (which can be used for personalizing marketing campaigns and messages). But without it, marketing departments get frustrated by the diminishing returns of their efforts.

This is where Global Database excels:

  • By knowing the main characteristics of their buyer persona, users can easily filter for the companies that fit their ideal customer profile.
  • Users get full profiles of both businesses and key personnel, allowing them to formulate marketing messages with a personalized approach. The result? Copy the connects and higher conversion rates.

Of course, Global Database sales and marketing teams also use this data, to give them a competitive edge and further prove out its accuracy. By setting filtering criteria, they can effortlessly reveal trends, identify similar pain points across contacts, and reveal other insights.

To extract all the value out of this data, they needed an email tool that was able to operationalize it in a meaningful way. Following up in bulk automatically with the email sequence feature in Close gave Global Database the power to dynamically personalize their messages by target industry, niche, and company type.

They simply wrote the emails once, created a sending schedule, and had them sent according to the sequences they designed. On top of that, the convenience of tweaking emails with HTML was an ace up their sleeves—unlocking even more personalization options. This workflow optimized their outreach, allowing their representatives more time to focus on sales meetings and calls.

Built-in calling to reach the right people in the right way

In addition to the Sales and Marketing Platform, Global Database also offers the convenience of porting this data into CRMs, like Close. Using lead tagging (and adjusting lead segmentation when appropriate) assures that the right contact details match the right contacts in the CRM—all fed in via the API.

The team also utilizes Close's built-in calling functionality which allows them to dial prospects without leaving the CRM. Enabling the option to automatically call phone numbers in a Smart View—as well as the ability to call multiple contacts at once while routing the answered calls to available sales representatives—resulted in a massive time savings for the sales team. Again, more time gained to get deals closed.

Enhanced reporting for a clearer view of opportunities

The Global Database platform fits the needs of many B2B companies, but the team wanted to be sure that they were contacting the best potential buyers at the right time. Before, the lacking element was a tool that would display a clear view of their sales process efficiency, assuring there were no missed opportunities.

Close reporting filled that gap. It became a lot easier for the Global Database sales team to get actionable insights and improve the productivity of their reps.

Clarity around individual and team performance was enhanced using the built-in sales leaderboards and actionable reporting within Close.

Cost-effectiveness + high-quality data = the perfect combination

For the Global Database team, coupling their high-quality data with a CRM that facilitates an exceptional sales process proved to be a power combo. They now spend 70% LESS time on outbound prospecting, and instead use that energy to close more deals.

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