5 tips to grow your business with handwritten notes to prospects

5 tips to grow your business with handwritten notes to prospects

Have you ever wondered: Is it possible to grow my business in a simple, yet effective way?

Well, you probably did and you weren’t wrong. You can do it with a touch of creativity designed to flatter your prospects. You’re probably wondering how—and there are many good answers. One way is through handwritten notes. This article explains how.

Handwritten notes are an evergreen way to thank, compliment, or send wishes to someone. They evoke nostalgia, positive emotions, and most of all—they are personalized. When your prospects receive them, they’ll have the feeling that you took time to write them. They’ll feel special.

So why not use it for your audience and show them that you value their uniqueness and loyalty? Here are tips to grow your business with handwritten notes to your prospects.

Tip 1: Promote your products & services

It’s not a fad that personalization can drastically improve businesses. It is a powerful tool and for good reason. When you personalize your business to fit your prospects’ desires, something magical happens: You create deeper emotional connections that build trust—and we all know the importance of trust.

Use handwritten notes to promote your products and services in a personalized way.

You can analyze the online behavior of your prospects and segment them according to their preferences.

Let’s see an example in the domain of CRM tools.

Say your company specializes in creating versatile CRM solutions for small businesses. You also have a strong online presence on social media and a blog abounding with articles. You can get input from Google Analytics to discover which are the most preferred topics for your audience.

It’s best to be as defined as you can and create many smaller categories with similar topics. The whole point is to go gradually and segment bit by bit.

That way, when you start segmenting these CRM topics you’ll probably start with something like this:

These are the 3 main types of CRM software. Now, drill down more and break them into smaller categories like:

  • Operational CRM → Service, sales, and marketing
  • Analytical CRM → Lead activity, purchases, data mining, etc.
  • Collaborative CRM → Interaction management, channel integration

If we drill down on channel integration, we get:

Channel integration → Forms and Data Collection Integrations, email integration, calendar integration, etc.

Now, you can segment your prospects into these mini categories. This will help you send handwritten messages using relevant information that matches their needs.

On the other hand, you’ll also need to collect your prospect data like:

  • Their business name and industry
  • Their mission, vision, culture, and values
  • Their business history and successes
  • Their location

Using these, you’ll be able to unearth all the specifics about them and their business. Make sure to mention that in your personalized handwritten message. You can use it as a common point of interest which will boost the relevance of your message.

For example, the text for your handwritten message can be something like this:

“Hello, Anny,

We at [company name] saw that you enjoy reading about CRM integration topics on our blog. Most notably, it was a collaborative CRM and it looks like you are hugely interested in the channel integration.

We appreciate the fact that you choose our blog to find relevant articles on CRM and we have some news for you.

Beginning of the month, we integrated intelligent RPA solutions into our CRM software [ name of the software]. With it, our users can now skyrocket all of their customer service efforts.

Creating new cases is now automated from whichever channel you received them. Moreover, data entry is almost completely eliminated so your team will never have to multi-task again.

We think these improvements will skyrocket your business and take a lot of cumbersome tasks off your team’s back.

That’s why we are giving you this one-time code to activate your free, 15-day trial of [name of the software] on our website.

Truly yours,

[Name of the company] team”

And you can see how this looks when you use a handwritten letter service to create these cards:

Image credit: Handwrytten

Tip 2: Send custom thank-you notes

Another great idea is to thank your prospects for sticking around or considering to work with you. This is ideal when:

  • Your business reaches certain milestones
  • You celebrate your business anniversaries
  • You simply feel the need to thank your customers and do something special

For each of these scenarios, sending a custom thank you note can seal the deal. It shows your prospects that you want to share your business success with them, while creating a sense of belonging and respect. They will feel like a true part of your community, and it might encourage them to sign up for your product or service.

What’s more, you can thank them and use the opportunity to invite them to do something kind. For example, asking them to join your company’s charity fundraising. It’ll make them feel like a part of the team while they meet the people behind the business.

Tip 3: Send handwritten holiday cards

Important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays evoke positive feelings in every person. All these joyful emotions make the days extra special.

Well, guess what? Remembering your prospects on those dates will make them feel special, too. So why not show them that you care? There's no reason not to. You don’t need to constantly be “all business." Try showing the human side of your company, too.

Celebrate important holidays with your prospects. Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, and so many others are days when we feel kind, loved, and in a giving mood.

Therefore, you can craft something special for them and pass it along with your handwritten message– and a bunch of warm wishes. You could add a discount on a bundle, a general discount on your products, or a free demo version. Just be creative and pay attention to what they really need.

There are also many other great ideas to engage your prospects using some of the things everyone likes, such as chocolate, wine, and popcorn.

And you know what? Giving a gift with your handwritten card creates deep connections. Those connections will be strengthened by joyful holiday emotions.

Tip 4: Send handwritten birthday cards

Birthdays are one of the most important days. It's all about the birthday person, who is hopefully being pampered and celebrated extra on their big day. Most people feel special and loved, why not join in the party?

Most people also want to treat themselves on their birthdays.

Use personalized notes to engage your prospects in one fell swoop. Send them creative, personalized cards to wish them a happy birthday and to offer them a discount on your product or service.

You can personalize your wish cards by using the data-driven approach. That said, analyze your prospects’ online behavior whenever you can. This will help you uncover their interests, preferences, and needs.

When you collect this data, turn it into a carefully written message. Make sure to include a discount, bundle, or free trial version in your message!

Check out the image below:

Image credit: Handwrytten

You can add an image of your choosing to embellish the background. A custom image is even better! Consider creating some graphics that showcase your prospect’s interests or business.

Personalizing like this will show that you care about them and that your business does revolve around your customers—as it should.

Tip 5: Use handwritten notes as an invitation for events

Every business has special events intended to gather employees and customers. Events can be used for a plethora of purposes:

  • Promote products & services
  • Announce new products or new features of existing products
  • Conferences
  • Business panel discussions
  • Anniversaries or other type of celebration

Some of these events are typically reserved for customers, but what if you invited your top prospects as well?

What if you used custom handwritten cards to send those invitations out?

Well, it’s a no-brainer—you could get results and convert those prospects into customers.

If that sounds good, let’s see exactly how you could do it.

First off, just inviting them to your private, members-only event will feel like something special. Of course, you'll need to use data to segment your customers. This will help you discover what kind of events they would prefer– and will help them view your event as potentially providing the solutions to their problems.

Additionally, receiving a handwritten card skyrockets the exclusiveness of the event. It also demonstrates a specific touch for uniqueness and that your business pays attention to all the little details.

This is how you can write an invitation message:

“Dear Tom,

I would personally like to invite you to our members-only, live event in our company’s headquarters regarding our new CRM software that will launch in 2022.

We saw that you are engaged in the latest trends of Customer CRM and how to provide stellar customer support. We think you would be a great addition to the event and that you will learn lots of useful things with immediate application opportunity.

What’s more, we've prepared some hot prizes for all guests that complete our quiz about customer-centricity.

The event will be Saturday, December 18th, at 18:00. We hope to see you there!


The crew at [name of the company] & CEO [name of the CEO]"

Let’s see what this message looks like when you paste it inside a handwritten card.

Image credit: Handwrytten

In conclusion

Handwritten notes can be a game-changer if you want to scale your business effectively. They are a powerful tool that eliminates the genericness in today’s online communication. With striking handwritten messages that feel personal and exclusive, you’ll win over your prospects’ hearts. You’ll also need to use data to intelligently uncover their desires, needs, and preferences.

Truth be told, handwritten notes aided by data-driven marketing create an incredible synergy that gets results. By using modern technology and resources, you’ll be able to get hyper-relevant data. Imbuing that data into heart-winning, personalized messages in the form of handwritten cards will open many doors, build deep relationships and trust, and show your prospects that you really care about them.

In return, they may just express their gratitude by signing up for your product or service.

David Wachs is the founder and CEO of Handwrytten - Handwriting Services for Brands. David is also a frequent speaker on messaging technology and has presented for the Direct Marketing Association, South by Southwest, and others.

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