How to close a deal: Ask early, ask often and embrace the no

How to close a deal: Ask early, ask often and embrace the no
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Most salespeople ask for the close way too late.

They’re all waiting for the perfect moment. That moment when they have a guaranteed “yes.”

We do this because we want to avoid rejection.

Step up your closing game

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A lot of people don’t ask for the close because they’re afraid of getting a no.

Instead, they keep providing their prospects with more information and reasons to buy, assuming that they’re eventually going to close themselves.



You need to step up your closing game. The first no is your friend.

You talk to a customer, qualify them and make sure they should buy your product. Once you know that they’re a good fit and you’ve given them your pitch—ask for the close.

Don’t wait for objections. Just go for the close. Make it simple.

Say, “Hey, it seems like you guys are a great fit. I’ve showed you how we’re going to solve your problems effectively. Are you ready to buy?”

At this point you know for a fact that they’re going to say no. Be okay with it.

Then ask them, “What’s the process we need to go through in order to get you ready to buy?”

Using the virtual close will let you find out what the road to the close looks like and what it will take to get there.

Here's an email I received from the founder of a SaaS monitoring solution, who actually put my advice into practice closed deals while being at MicroConf (one of my favorite startup events to attend):

ask for the close sales tactic

I receive emails like this all the time. Just ask for the close! You won't believe how many deals you're missing out on simply because you're not asking for it!

Stare rejection in the face

how-to-close-a-deal-stare rejection in the face

People that are afraid of rejection are the ones that get it often. Those are the people that are the most affected by it. The people that are trying to avoid it and work their way around rejection.

They take it personally. They can feel it. Taste it. You can see it all over their face.

You know who doesn’t care? People that are winning. People that are closing deals.

Say, “Let’s get you ready. What do we need to do?”

When you embrace rejection and take a no with smile, it communicates that you’re successful.

Don’t work your way around rejection. Stare it in the face. Learn to love it.

Make “no” a part of the process

how-to-close-a-deal-make no part of process

People are so afraid of the no that they provide their prospects with more and more information. They try to arm them with as much bullshit as they can to save themselves from potentially getting rejected. What they do instead is overwhelm their prospects to the point where they can no longer make a decision.

Ask for the close early. Embrace the no. Accept it. Make it a part of the process.

It’s your friend.

Now, go get ‘em!

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