Product update: Improved call quality for Close users

Product update: Improved call quality for Close users

We've always strived to be the CRM with the best built-in calling for sales teams. Since we launched predictive dialing earlier this year, we’ve seen a huge jump in Close users getting on calls with prospects.

In the last couple of weeks, we've shipped out some major product updates to make your calling experience even better.

Better quality & reliability in Close calling

We recently switched our default carrier for outbound calls to Twilio, one of the world’s best telephony platforms. This means for you that you'll get even better audio quality when making calls with Close, and we're offering you a more stable calling platform.

Every telephony provider can experience technical issues and difficulties, even a market-leader like Twilio. That's why we are now able to quickly switch to another provider in case of major outages from Twilio. What does this mean for you and your team? You'll be able to make calls with Close even more reliably, since you aren't dependent on a single platform anymore.

[NEW] Call quality indicator

Vast majority of call quality issues are caused by either bad local networks or problems related to audio devices and their drivers. We’ve now created a Call Quality Indicator (CQI) to automatically detect network and device-related issues when you start calling.


Learn more about the CQI in our Call Quality Indicator FAQ.

Improved call quality feedback

Although we try our best to make sure you have no issues when calling in Close, it's impossible to prevent technical issues completely. We want to make sure we address those issues properly, with the help of your feedback.

So the next time you’re done with a call, you'll notice a prompt asking you to rate the quality of the call as "good" or "bad”. If it was “bad”, you can send us more detailed feedback (and we encourage you to do so!). Help us make calling better for you in Close!


Our engineers are constantly working to ensure the best call quality for our customers. The next time you call using Close, feel the difference and let us know!