How to log Intercom support messages in Close

How to log Intercom support messages in Close

May 15, 2019: This guide is outdated. If you want to log Intercom support messages in Close, please contact We will publish up-to-date instructions on how to integrate Intercom with Close soon.

If you're using Intercom and want interactions you have with customers in Intercom to show up in Close, here's a simple guide on how to get this done. This is a guest post by Vinay Patankar, co-founder of Process Street, a simple, free and powerful way to manage your team's recurring checklists and procedures. You can find the original post here.

I have been wanting to sync my support system Intercom with the CRM we use at Process StreetClose (which I have written about before).

The reason for this is when we are looking at a customer in the CRM, we want to be able to see not only the sales emails but all the support conversations they are having too. We wanted to have all our intercom conversations with customers show up on the associated Close Lead timeline.

This can be done quite easily with other Help Desk Tools or via the API but I wanted to build something quickly that didn’t require developer time.

I first setup a Zap using Intercom’s “New Message” Zap that triggered an email to my inbox which then Synced using Close’s 2 way email sync, which worked fine but only worked for the first message that was sent.

It didn’t track the whole conversation which can last for days and contain lots of valuable information for sales. This basically meant sales still had to open both Intercom and Close to get a full picture of the customer.

Integrating all Intercom support tickets with Close

Step 1: Create a Webhook Zap in Zapier and get Custom Webhook URL

Create a new Zap in Zapier and add the Webhook integration, click next until you see the custom URL.

intercom and close integration

Step 2: Create a Webhook in Intercom

Go to Settings -> Integrations and click “Add Webhook Integration”.

create intercom webhook

Here are the topics I am passing in the Webhook:

New Message from a User
Reply from a User
Reply from a Teammate
Note added to Conversation
Conversation assigned to Teammate
User Unsubscribed From Email
User tagged
User untagged
New events

Step 3: Configure rest of Zap in Zapier

Here is a screenshot of my Zap (click for full image).

intercom and close sync zap

Here is the text export (I assume you need to swap out my ID numbers):

<br /> [Intercom <input type="button" class="hubspot-mergetag hs-mce-draggable" value="6451100__data__item__type" data-mergetag="6451100__data__item__type">] <input type="button" class="hubspot-mergetag hs-mce-draggable" value="6451100__data__item__assignee__name" data-mergetag="6451100__data__item__assignee__name"> <> <input type="button" class="hubspot-mergetag hs-mce-draggable" value="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__author__name" data-mergetag="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__author__name"><br />


<br /> <b>Email Subject:</b><br /> <input type="button" class="hubspot-mergetag hs-mce-draggable" value="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__subject" data-mergetag="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__subject"></p> <p><b>Conversation Message</b><br /> <input type="button" class="hubspot-mergetag hs-mce-draggable" value="6451100__data__item__conversation_parts__conversation_parts" data-mergetag="6451100__data__item__conversation_parts__conversation_parts"></p> <p><b>Conversation Link:</b><br /> <input type="button" class="hubspot-mergetag hs-mce-draggable" value="6451100__data__item__links__conversation_web" data-mergetag="6451100__data__item__links__conversation_web"></p> <p><b>Other Action Data:</b></p> <p><b style="font-size:8px">Data Item Assignee Name:</b> <input type="button" class="hubspot-mergetag hs-mce-draggable" value="6451100__data__item__assignee__name" data-mergetag="6451100__data__item__assignee__name"><br /> <b style="font-size:8px">Data Item User Name:</b> <input type="button" class="hubspot-mergetag hs-mce-draggable" value="6451100__data__item__user__name" data-mergetag="6451100__data__item__user__name"><br /> <b style="font-size:8px">Conversation Message Author Manaul Tag IDs:</b> <input type="button" class="hubspot-mergetag hs-mce-draggable" value="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__author__manual_tag_ids" data-mergetag="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__author__manual_tag_ids"><br /> <b style="font-size:8px">Conversation Message Attachments:</b> <input type="button" class="hubspot-mergetag hs-mce-draggable" value="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__attachments" data-mergetag="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__attachments"><br /> <b style="font-size:8px">Conversation Message Author Created At:</b> <input type="button" class="hubspot-mergetag hs-mce-draggable" value="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__author__created_at" data-mergetag="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__author__created_at"><br /> <b style="font-size:8px">Conversation Message Author IP:</b> <input type="button" class="hubspot-mergetag hs-mce-draggable" value="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__author__ip" data-mergetag="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__author__ip"><br /> <b style="font-size:8px">Data Item conversation Message Author Ua:</b> <input type="button" class="hubspot-mergetag hs-mce-draggable" value="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__author__ua" data-mergetag="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__author__ua"><br /> <b style="font-size:8px">Author Email Domain:</b> <input type="button" class="hubspot-mergetag hs-mce-draggable" value="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__author__email_domain" data-mergetag="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__author__email_domain"><br /> <b style="font-size:8px">Data Item conversation Message Author IP:</b> <input type="button" class="hubspot-mergetag hs-mce-draggable" value="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__author__ip" data-mergetag="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__author__ip"></p> <p><b>Original Message Body:</b><br /> <input type="button" class="hubspot-mergetag hs-mce-draggable" value="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__body" data-mergetag="6451100__data__item__conversation_message__body"></p> <p>

And that’s it!

Intercom support messages will now show up in the Close timeline for that view, with the remarkt that it's an Intercom conversation and a link directly to the related thread in


This was just my first attempt, it will probably get cleaned up a little but at least the core data is being passed. If you have any tweaks, I’d love to hear about them.