Integration: Capture and warm-up email leads with marketing automation software, Drip

by Phil Freo

This post is part of a new series featuring 3rd-party integrations with Close. Want to build a Close integration into your own app? Check out our API.

Drip is lightweight marketing automation built for startups.

It allows you to instantly capture leads from every page of your website, warm them up with a pre-written sequence of behavior-driven emails, and track how engaged they are through lead scoring and conversion tracking.

We're happy to announce Drip's integration with Close is now live!



This integration allows you to capture leads in Drip, nurture them with behavioral email, and add all (or only your most engaged leads) to Close for manual follow-up.


"Our customers have asked for more full-fledged CRM capabilites, and Close was our first choice for an integration. Using Drip to capture and nurture prospects and Close to follow-up with your hottest leads is a stunning inside sales combination." said Rob Walling, founder of Drip.

Interested? Have a look at Drip.