Integration: Find B2B contact data with snapADDY

Integration: Find B2B contact data with snapADDY

We’re happy to announce a new integration with snapADDY, sales support software for finding B2B contact data. With this integration, use snapADDY to grab contact information from the web, e-mail signatures or documents and save it in Close.


How to integrate and use snapADDY

To capture contact information, highlight it and use the keyboard shortcut “CTRL + C + C”. snapADDY will recognize and map out the contact data for you. Another option is to right-click the highlighted data and select "Grab contact data".


To learn how to connect snapADDY to Close, as well as how to export leads to Close, watch this video:

Grab contact data for a company

If you want to find the contact info for a specific company, snapADDY allows you to enter the company name into the quick search bar. Then, snapADDY’s Contact Page Crawler automatically captures the data from the company’s contact page.

Another method is to directly grab a contact page from the Google search results, using snapADDY’s Chrome or Firefox extension. Just click the little crocodile button next to a search result to trigger the crawler for that specific website.


Grab contact data for a specific person

Many companies look for new leads on social networks. With snapADDY, you can grab profile data from professional networking sites like LinkedIn by clicking the crocodile button in a profile or in the search results.


If you don’t know the right contact person in a company yet, snapADDY enables you to find a matching contact within that specific company. You can then grab the contact details from one or more leads in the search results and save them to Close.


Find email addresses

If you don’t have a personalized email for your contact person yet, snapADDY’s Email Finder makes an educated guess by analyzing email patterns from the company website. The result is rated with a probability percentage that enables you to decide whether you have the right email address.

Check for duplicates in Close

Use snapADDY’s external duplicate check to possibly improve your CRM data quality. if a lead and/or contact is already present in Close, you’ll see a red square next to the contact in snapADDY. You can also update existing leads in Close with snapADDY.

Scan business cards on the go

With the snapADDY Business Card Scanner for iOS and Android, you can get your business cards into Close on the go.

To scan a business card, take a picture of a business card with the app. snapADDY extracts the contact information and transfers it to snapADDY Grabber. From there, you can enrich that contact and then export it to Close.

Want to try out snapADDY for free? Get a free 14-day trial now!

All of our integrations are made possible via our API—feel free to build your own and let us know!