Integration: HipChat add-on for seeing lead details in your chat room

Integration: HipChat add-on for seeing lead details in your chat room

We are happy to announce an official Close HipChat add-on. If you use HipChat for team collaboration like we do, you may often send a link to a specific Close lead to your coworkers. With this new add-on, when you paste a lead URL into HipChat, you will quickly see more details about that lead.

For example, in this screenshot example, I first copied the URL of a specific lead from Close (if you're in the desktop application you can do this by right clicking and choosing Copy Page Address). Then in HipChat I pasted the URL, and the integration responded with more details like company name, contact name, lead status, and any opportunities.


It's a very simple integration, but hopefully will be useful to you.

Official integration:

Any HipChat Admin user can head to Group admin > Integrations, find the Close entry and click "Install".


Then you'll be prompted for your Close API key, which you can grab from Close > Settings > API Keys.


Click Save and that's it!

We have also open-sourced the add-on code.

Additional Zapier integration:

Many of our customers already enjoy a different type of Close/HipChat integration, via Zapier. For example, you can use the "New Opportunity" Close trigger so that any time a new deal is won, a message shows up in your sales chat room.


All of our integrations are made possible via our API – feel free to build your own and let us know!