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Integration: Build custom sales dashboards with Leftronic

Integration: Build custom sales dashboards with Leftronic

We are happy to announce an official Close Leftronic integration. Leftronic makes it easy to build a customized dashboard that displays your critical sales metrics visualized exactly the way you want.


Keeping an eye on the success of your sales team is critical in determining what's working and what's not. All you'll need is your Close login credentials to retrieve and manipulate data in the following categories:

  • Lead Status
  • Lead Status Transitions
  • Activity Report
  • Opportunity Status
  • Opportunity Status Transitions
  • Sent Email Report
  • ...and lots more!

With Leftronic, you can extract your sales metrics from Close through a drag-&-drop interface and create a custom data dashboard without any coding.

Monitor your crucial sales, marketing, financial, and social media KPIs in one place.

In addition, you’ll be able to combine Close data with feeds from social media and usage info from web analytics platforms to get a more complete picture of how potential customers are moving through your funnel. Pull in customer service data and gain insight over the entire customer lifetime so you can improve retention and identify up-sell opportunities.

Combine widgets from Close with other third-party services like UserVoice to track the performance of your help desk team as well as sales agents, or retrieve Basecamp metrics to effectively monitor task performance. Add in SendGrid or MailChimp data to keep an eye on the effectiveness of your marketing tactics and you'll be able to seamlessly track leads from marketing and sales. See a full list of Leftronic's integrated service partners here: https://www.leftronic.com/services/.

You can control what data to highlight and share throughout your organization -- send scheduled dashboard snapshots as your team meets milestones or give colleagues access to view your dashboards with a secure, password-protected link.

Click here to get started with your 14-day free Leftronic trial now!

All of our integrations are made possible via our API – feel free to build your own and let us know!