Integration: Motivate your sales team with Plecto

Integration: Motivate your sales team with Plecto

We’re happy to announce a new integration with Plecto, a sales and motivation dashboard platform. With this integration, Plecto can now automatically pull data from Close to allow users to create virtual dashboards that visualize sales data.

Plecto aims to motivate sales teams by using virtual sales dashboards. Here are three ways sales teams can use Plecto.

Recognize your team for recent “wins”

With Plecto, you can instantly notify your team of new Close opportunities, closed deals or incoming calls.

You control what constitutes a “win” and how you celebrate:  Play a custom sound, display the closer’s headshot, write a custom message or do all of the above.

When a sales rep makes a sale, takes a certain number of calls, or nabs a new lead, their success is broadcast to the entire team.


By allowing you to customize how you recognize successful salespeople, Plecto seeks to create a more engaging and collaborative work environment and keep reps accountable.

Encourage your team to meet milestones

Another feature of Plecto is the ability to set achievements and reward achievers with badges—custom icons that display next to their name on each dashboard.

Set a sales record that reps can compete to surpass, pin a smiley face next to the rep with the highest customer satisfaction score, or display a star icon next to a “Sales Star!”

Setting achievements is one way for sales teams to gamify selling.

Engage your team with competition

One particular Plecto feature is their leaderboard, where teams are ranked based on the criteria of your choosing. If you want to show who on your team is making the most calls or closing the most deals, Plecto can stream call or sales data directly from Close.


Plecto wants to create an engaging work environment where teams adopt a play-to-win attitude. This may lead to better productivity, as not making calls or closing deals leads to dropping on the leaderboard.

For the next month, Close users can use Plecto for free for 90 days. Click here to start your free trial.

All Close integrations are made possible via the Close API—feel free to build your own and let us know!