Integration: Outsource handwritten sales letters with MailLift

Integration: Outsource handwritten sales letters with MailLift

We’re happy to announce a new integration with our sales software and MailLift, a handwritten letter service for sales professionals.

Add a personal touch to your sales process by allowing MailLift to send handwritten letters to prospects and valued customers for you. Simply set a template, select recipients, and customize any other details before a real person from MailLift writes your letters for you.

How to set up MailLifts in Close

In Close, go to "Settings", select "Your Email Templates", and then click on "New Template".


Next, use the following subject and body to create your template. You can name the template anything you want.


Want to use this? Click here for a copy & paste-ready template that you can modify for your own needs.

Then, go to MailLift’s Dashboard, select "Integrations", and copy your MailDrop key.


Now, paste the MailDrop key in the "To:" field of your Close email. Remove the original email address to avoid sending the prospect the letter request instead of the letter.


Finally, set up a follow-up reminder in Close for 7–10 days. This will allow USPS enough time to deliver your letter.


Receive a free sample handwritten letter from MailLift's CEO.

All Close integrations are made possible via the Close API—feel free to build your ownand let us know!