Level-up reporting for Close data with Master Metrics

Level-up reporting for Close data with Master Metrics

Looking for a way to visualize your data and automate in-depth reporting with Close? Master Metrics (formerly known as Smart Reporting) has been working on constantly improving their Close integration.

My name is Tomás Spada, I’m the creator and founder of Master Metrics.

I’ve been a Close customer for many years, and I’ve always loved its powerful ability to search all your leads using keywords.

For example, it’s easy in Close to find leads created this month from Facebook Ads, leads with a particular status, leads who haven’t been contacted in the last month, and so forth.

(Within Close, you can even save these as Smart Views, and have specific types of leads saved automatically into lists that are easy to access.)

And while this was helpful to see different metrics, I wanted an easier way to see how these metrics evolved over time.

I wanted time-based reporting

I wanted faster answers to questions such as:

  • How many leads were created per month and assigned to a certain rep?
  • What was the conversion rate per acquisition source per month over the past year?
  • What’s the conversion rate per pipeline stage?

Also, I wanted to be able to find data on opportunities just as easily as it is to find info on leads in Close, to answer questions like: How many opportunities did each sales rep close per day this month?

The solution: Master Metrics

The need for better reporting was real for me and my team, and I knew that an expanded reporting tool would help other Close customers as well.

So, I developed Master Metrics, a tool that lets you visualize your Close data and levels-up your reporting capabilities.

Here’s how it works:

How Master Metrics helps you create in-depth reports using your Close data

In Master Metrics, you have three types of metrics to choose from:

  • Lead Queries
  • Opportunities Queries
  • Calculated Metrics

Within these metrics, you can create custom queries to answer your most important questions about your leads and opportunities. Plus, you can use Calculated Metrics to compare certain metrics to others.

"Master Metrics is certainly helpful to get me to understand where we are as a company and performance levels"
- Aaron Snyder, Perfect Quote

Want to see a visual view of this data? Then create your own custom dashboards inside Master Metrics, adding tiles or tables with the information you want to see at hand. Within your dashboards, you can choose the metrics you want to see and separate them by day, week, month, quarter, or year. Then, you can choose a specific time range.

So, how does this work in the real world?

Potential use cases for the Master Metrics integration

The use cases for this reporting tool are really limitless, but here are three examples of what you can see with Master Metrics and Close:

Understand how your pipeline stage conversion rates change over time

How does each stage in your sales pipeline convert to the next stage? Where are you seeing the most drop off? And do those conversion rates change during the week, during the quarter, or during the year?

Using a custom dashboard in Master Metrics, you can see exactly how many leads convert through the different stages in your pipeline. Then, you can add percentages to automatically calculate the conversion rate of each stage.

Finally, Master Metrics allows you to see how these conversion rates evolve over time. That means you can see:

  • How conversion rates react when you make changes to your sales process
  • How your conversion rate is affected by the season
  • Whether pipeline conversions are better during a certain week of the month or day of the week

Learn how leads convert depending on the acquisition source

Want to narrow your conversion rate calculations just to certain acquisition sources? You can do it in Master Metrics.

For example, you can compare your conversion rates for Facebook ads versus Youtube ads, then compare those to organic conversions. Plus, you can see all of this over time.

That will help you answer questions such as:

  • How effective are my ad campaigns?
  • Are my Facebook ads bringing in more qualified leads than Youtube?
  • Are organic lead sources better than ads?
  • Do my ads get a better conversion rate at certain times of the year?

Track conversion rate of individual sales reps

When you a change in your team's performance, there are many potential factors that could contribute to this. Maybe one sales rep has figured out a new pitch that's working exceptionally well and has improved their closing rate. Maybe a rep is dealing with personal issues and that has affected their performance negatively. Being able to chart the performance of different reps over time can help you quickly identify if one particular rep is affected.

What's more—it can be a great way to encourage positive internal competition in your sales team.

Get a daily report for your sales pipeline

Real-time reporting is important for a sales team. If you’re a sales manager that wants to understand pipeline metrics on a day-to-day basis, you can set up a custom dashboard in Master Metrics that looks something like this:

This gives you the ability to see:

  • How sales evolve over a week
  • Whether certain stages convert better depending on the day of the week
  • How many meetings or demos your reps complete per day
  • How many proposals or quotes are being sent per day

You can also receive a customized email report and specify whether the report goes out just to you, specific team members, or everyone on your team.

Whether you want this email report to be sent out on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis is up to you.

Really, this is just scratching the surface of what Master Metrics can do. You can also create these same dashboards to display weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly data. Or, you could divide the data by rep, lead source, or any other custom field that is important to your business.

Using the new Master Metrics and Close integration, you can use your data to empower your team without wasting time creating new reports.

Try Master Metrics for free today, or book a free consultation with me!

"With the ability to see metrics, I’m able to understand how my sales team is performing and making important decisions to drive growth."
- Ryan Groth from Sales Transformation Group