Integration with Clearbit to enrich your lead data

Integration with Clearbit to enrich your lead data

We're happy to announce another integration with Close, this time from Clearbit.

Clearbit provides tools and APIs for easy access to company and social data useful for enriching your leads. Let's say you have a bunch of leads with just email addresses. Clearbit can take that email address and enhance the lead to contain lots of additional information about the contact and company.

For an example of what Clearbit's Close integration can do, take a look at this screenshot. This lead was created with only Alex's name and email address. All the rest of the data was added to Close automatically via Clearbit, including company description, address, office phone number, links to social profiles like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

To better understand how powerful this is, check out this snippet from Clearbit's Close announcement:

Once your Clearbit and Close accounts are linked, any new leads in Close will be automatically populated with Clearbit’s person & company data.

Having our data baked into Close is incredibly useful. We’ll pull in company address, description, funding, categories, headcount and phone number. We’ll also populate the information of all the contacts attached to the lead, including name, title, and LinkedIn handles.

What makes this particularly powerful is Close’s search functionality. Want to find all your leads with more than a 100 employees? Search for "custom.Employees" > 100. What about all leads in a specific industry? It’s as simple as custom.Industry:Software. This kind of filtering really helps you figure out which leads are qualified, and which aren’t.

To get started, sign up for the Starter plan on Clearbit. Then you can link your Close account and they will start backfilling all your existing Close leads and data.