Integration with Get people you meet at conferences into Close

Integration with Get people you meet at conferences into Close

We're happy to announce a new integration for our sales CRM, this time with Zap ( Zap an iOS app for people who do a lot of offline-networking and want a better way to manage their new contacts than just a business card. Find out more about how this works by reading this post by Mike Mason, which originally appeared on Medium.

If you’re like me and attend a lot of networking events, conferences, or trade shows, then you know how much of a nuisance it is to collect a bunch of business cards and remember everyone you meet. Most people have had a few drinks and it’s hard to carry the conversation over from offline to online.

This makes an ROI on conference attendance really tough, especially if it’s an out of city, multi day event.

Discover more about people on the fly

Zap sits at the top of your funnel when you meet people offline. Discover more about the people you meet by simply asking for their email. Zap will look up the email and find out as much as it can about the person. You can send them your digital card on the spot and it will remember when and where you met.

Send the people you meet to your CRM

You can set Zap to send info you collect about people to Close automatically, or on a need by need basis. It will bring over everything they’ve shared with you, including phone number, email, social links, and more. Zap will even tag the contact with a note about the location and time you met.

Download Zap and try it out for your next event.