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Introducing: Email Threading

Introducing: Email Threading

Today we introduce email threading: having email messages from the same conversation grouped together. We’re launching this today for a few reasons:

  • To drastically clean up a lead’s timeline by grouping together in a more compact form.
  • To help provide context around an individual email message.
  • We didn’t think we should wait 16 years first!

This turns a long messy activities timeline like this:

Introducing: Email Threading

Into this:

Introducing: Email Threading

You can click to expand any individual message, or click on “X older emails” to see a full list of messages from a long email thread.

The tiny blue dots appear to give you context when an email was sent, in the case where the thread is no longer in the same spot on the timeline. This way you can see that after a call 2 months ago, an email was sent right away, even though that email thread now appears toward the top if the thread has been active.

You can hover over the dot to see details about that email, or click it to jump to that spot in the corresponding thread.

Enjoy! And as always, we look forward to your feedback.

-Phil @philfreo @closeio