Introducing Explorer: customizable reporting graphs

Introducing Explorer: customizable reporting graphs

You've been asking for more advanced ways to report on your sales data inside Close – summary information about your leads, opportunities, calls, emails, etc. Rather than just adding another report inside Close to answer a couple common questions, we've put together a data exploration tool to help you visualize your data, in graph form, in hundreds of new and useful ways. We call it Explorer.

Explorer lets you quickly create line graphs and bar charts based on whichever parts of your sales data you care about. You choose a metric for the vertical y-axis, a field for the horizontal x-axis, and any applicable filters, and we'll bring you a graph in seconds.


Here are just some of the questions that Explorer can now help answer:


  • Show me a breakdown of my leads by a specific text custom field (e.g. Industry).
  • What % of my leads have a specific numerical custom field value (e.g. Score)?
  • Show me a line graph of how many leads have a certain date custom field value (e.g. Contract Ends Date).
  • Show me my how many of my leads were created by each teammate.
  • Show me when leads in a specific Smart View were created (how many per week/month).
  • How many points of contact do we have per company, on average?
  • Show me the breakdown of all my leads bucketed by how many times I've communicated with them.
  • For a specific lead status, show me how long ago our latest communication was with those leads.
  • I'd like to know if our first point of communication with current customers was more often a call vs. email.
  • How many of our leads still need phone numbers or an address added to them?
  • Show a breakdown of leads created manually, by API, or by email.
  • Do we communicate, on average, more with certain types of customers/leads than others?

Opportunities & Opportunity Value

  • Show me a graph of $ in closed deals, over time, by user.
  • Show me how many opportunities were created by each sales person, over time.
  • Show me how many total active/won/lost opportunities each teammate created.
  • Show opportunities broken out in buckets of their deal size.
  • Show me a graph of how many opportunities were won over time, and when.
  • Show me how many leads have more than one Active opportunity.

Duration of Calls

  • Are we making more minutes in sales calls per day/week/month than we used to?
  • How do our incoming call's vs. outgoing call's durations compare?
  • Show me the average call duration, per sales person, over time.
  • Are our sales calls longer, on average, at certain times in a day?
  • Have our sales calls gotten longer or shorter over time?
  • What percentage of our calls are over 1 minute in length?
  • Are calls to leads in one Smart View longer or shorter than calls made to another?

Number of Calls

  • Are we making more calls per day/week/month than we used to?
  • Show me how the number of calls compares between sales people.
  • For leads in a specific Smart View, show me how many calls were made over time, and by whom.
  • Are the number of calls over 1 minute in length higher on certain days of the week?
  • Do we make more calls with our current customers, or with prospects?
  • What percentage of our leads have never been called? Called more than once?


  • How many emails were sent, over time, by person?
  • Which % of my emails are opened? Opened more than once?
  • Show me how many emails from a specific Smart View were replied to.
  • Which email templates are our team using most often?
  • Are we getting more incoming emails than we used to?

... and many more.

Learn more about Explorer on our FAQ page.

Explorer has been live in Close since last Friday – check it out under Reporting -> Explorer! It's free for all Close users until October 1, and then it will live inside our Business plan.

We expect Explorer to get better over time. Please share with us which graphs you find particularly useful, and other other feedback about the new feature.