Introducing Lead Search

One of the most powerful parts of the Close sales platform is the ability to search all your leads/contacts to find ones that matter to you right now.

Step 1 was building a powerful language of search keywords to help users locate important lists of leads and contacts based on any criteria. If you’re not yet familiar with Close’s search, these included keywords such as:

  • calls < 2 - show me leads that haven’t been called more than once.
  • email_opened:yes - show me leads that have opened an email from me.
  • last_email_direction:sent - show me leads that haven’t responded to my last email
  • custom.favorite_color:green - show me people whose favorite color is green.

And of course any of our 100+ search keywords can be combined together with “and”, “or”, and “not” keywords.

Step 2 was the ability to save Smart Views of any query for 1-click access to your favorite search queries from anywhere in Close. We’ve noticed our customers building very sophisticated workflows based on using a series of Smart Views.

And now, Step 3 is making search easier to use by putting a simple user interface on top of the search language.

Now, from your “Leads” page there’s a sidebar titled “Narrow your results” that will show you the many possible ways to filter your sales contacts. Expand a section to see the possibilities:

Introducing Lead Search

Queries Still Work, But Filters Are Easier

The most used function of search is being able to combine search criteria. For example, you may want to search all of your qualified leads (status:qualified) that are located in San Francisco (location:San Francisco).

Until recently, you had to type the following search query to retrieve that result: status:qualified location:”San Francisco”

Now, you can just use our filters to easily search for the lead data you’re looking for:

Introducing Lead Search

Using our “Smart Filters”, you can easily decide what you want to search for without entering or knowing any search keywords ahead of time.

The new user interface is great for helping you explore all the possibilities for search.

We’ll bet you $20 that you’ll find something new to search for!

Introducing Lead Search


We’ve been keeping tabs on the different ways users are utilizing Close’s search queries, and it’s been a tremendously eye opening experience. We’d love to hear how you’re using it!

Give Close a try if you haven’t already, and chat with us if you need help constructing a search for your desired sales workflow.