Introducing Smart Fields to add more context to your search results

Introducing Smart Fields to add more context to your search results

One month ago, we launched customizable columns on the Leads search view, which let you add some extra basic fields (lead description, URL, custom field, creation user/date, or last updated user/date) to the table.

Today we're happy to announce "Smart Fields", additional fields you can display on your Leads search results or Smart Views to add intelligent context about a lead.

We added 50 new fields you can add in the Customize Columns list, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • Latest communication: a summary of the last call or email, along with the direction (outgoing call vs. incoming missed call), and the call notes or email subject. Use this to quickly see what the last communication looked like for your list of leads.
  • Latest communication date: see how long ago since you communicated with each lead.
  • Latest communication user: see which coworker last communicated with each lead.
  • Opportunity values: shows a summary of the (all/active/won/lost) Opportunity values for each lead.
  • Email last opened: shows when the lead last opened an email you sent them.
  • Local time: shows the estimated time in the location of each lead, based on the phone number country/area codes and addresses.

You can also narrow your lead list down (filter) based on these values. See here for an overview of how search in Close works, and keep in mind we recently added even more ways to search.

Coming soon: the ability to export your leads to CSV with any of these fields.