Launched: Customizable columns on leads page

Launched: Customizable columns on leads page

We're happy to announce we've just launched one of the many changes we're working on to allow you to better see your sales data in more meaningful ways.

Our "Leads view", which consist of "All leads", your Smart Views, and any custom search query, used to look something like this:


It had a static list of fields displayed that couldn't be customized.

Now when you open Close you'll see a nice table view. It starts out by showing the same data as before, but also you customize which fields/columns are shown! It'll remember your saved columns as you browse around different queries.

Take a look:


Another bonus feature is the ability to "collapse" the search sidebar. The sidebar is useful in helping you construct search queries, but once you've got the query you need, you can collapse it  to make room for displaying more columns of data.

Currently you can display these columns:

  • Company name
  • Quick email/call buttons
  • Contacts
  • Status
  • Description
  • URL
  • Created (date)
  • Created by
  • Updated (date)
  • Updated by
  • Primary address (city/state or country)
  • Any custom field!

We see this as just the beginning. We're working on ways for you to be able to customize the "export to CSV" columns as well as the ability to display "smart fields" such as "Last contacted", "# of calls" etc. Stay tuned for these updates!

—Phil @philfreo or @closeio