Launched: Even more powerful ways to search

Launched: Even more powerful ways to search

Since the original launch of search filters on the Leads page, Close users can filter their leads by a huge number of criteria (literally thousands of options). But we've also heard requests for even more ways to search in order to build "The Perfect Smart View".

We're happy to announce that we've just added a bunch of new filters to the search page. Browse through the "Narrow your results" sidebar in search to find and use these, but here are some of the new additions.


Latest (or first) communication types

A common request was to build a Smart View to show all leads who last communicated with our team (left us a voicemail, tried to call us, or sent us an email) but that we haven't reached out to since then. Basically, who might waiting for a response from our team?

There were some okay workarounds to this problem before, but now with the "last_communication_type" keyword, this use case works well.

A good "Needs Response" query looks like this:

last_communication_type:missed_call or last_communication_type:received_email

Latest (or first) communication date or user

In addition to "communication type", you can also filter by latest (or oldest) communication date or Close user. "Communication" just means "call or email".

Nested Smart Views

If you've ever had a situation where multiple Smart Views shared a significant part of the same query and you're having to copy and paste, you'll like this one: you can now do a query to only show leads that appear within another Smart View.

For example, to add additional criteria to an existing Smart View:

in:"Hot Leads" custom.User:"My Name"

You can also use this to append togehter the results from multiple Smart Views:

in:"Hot Leads" or in:"Warm Leads"

Look for this dropdown under Narrow your results -> Lead -> In Smart View.


And more...

  • Search by (or sort by) number of Active Opportunities
  • Search by (or sort by) number of times emails have been opened by a lead
  • Search by the previous status of an Opportunity or Lead
  • Search by (or sort by) the date of the latest status change of an Opportunity or Lead
  • Search by latest Email Template used
  • Sort by first or latest communication date
  • Sort by total opportunity values

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback! And stay tuned, more features are launching soon :)