Launched: localized date formats

Launched: localized date formats

Close has always been proudly “Designed in California” (obligatory video). As a result, up until now we’ve displayed dates in the MM/DD/YYYY format, which our international customers have patiently put up with so far. However, we knew it was not ideal.

Today we launched localized date formats so that you see dates displayed in a format that makes sense for you. For much of the world, you’ll now see DD/MM/YYYY.

There’s no setting within Close for this feature. We automatically choose which format to display based on the language your computer/web browser is set to. If your primary language is set to something other than U.S. or Canadian English, then we’ll show a more international-friendly date format.

To avoid confusion on which date format you’re seeing, you can always hover your mouse pointer over any date and we’ll show you an expanded version of that date format.


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If you have any questions or issues with this change, please email support.

—Phil @philfreo @closeio