Launched: Send HTML formatted email from Close

Launched: Send HTML formatted email from Close

We wanted to end 2014 strong with one more feature launch, one that's been very heavily requested. Close now lets you send HTML formatted emails!


We've put a lot of care into keeping things simple: providing only the most necessary formatting options rather than choosing a big clunky editor.

We've included formatting options for bold, italic, numbered list, unordered list, inserting a hyperlink, and embedding an image inline. To insert an image inline, the image will first need to be uploaded somewhere online and then you can paste the image URL in. For more technical users, we also give you direct access to the HTML.

There are keyboard shortcuts available as you might expect (e.g., cmd-b to bold, cmd-i for italics, cmd-k to link on Mac; ctrl-b, ctrl-i, and ctrl-k respectively for Windows).

HTML formatting is also available in your email signature and in email templates.

Finally, we made it easier to insert template tags when you're creating or editing an email template. Just click the wand icon for a dropdown of template tags that you can insert with a click.


Enjoy and Happy New Year!