Lead View Improvements: Search within Contacts & Custom Fields

Lead View Improvements: Search within Contacts & Custom Fields

We just made some changes to the Lead view within Close. In addition to visual changes, we’ve added the ability to search within Contacts and Custom Fields.

Contact Field Filtering

One really useful addition is the filtering of Custom Fields and Contacts. Now it’s easy to find the right person to speak to by searching for any part of their name, email address, job title… anything!


Custom Field Filtering

The same quick searching/filtering feature applies to Custom Fields.


Quick Actions From Opportunities

We’ve always allowed you to attach a Contact to an Opportunity. Now you can call, email, or SMS directly from the Opportunity. No more looking for the right Contact in a separate section.


A better Custom Field experience

If you have a lot of Custom Fields (like us), it can be a pain to find the right one to add to a Lead. We used to expose everything at once. Now, when adding a Custom Field, we default to a searchable list to make it easy to find the one you want. Just type a few letters from the field you want to add and hit Enter. And as soon as you add one, another dropdown appears ready for you to add another.


If you want to see all your fields for bulk adding, you can click ‘Reveal all’ to expand every available Custom Field.

In addition to editing an individual field in place, you can now click the edit icon in the header and edit any existing field; helpful if you’re constantly updating the same couple of fields.

Consistency across different sections

In addition to supporting the features above (and other future features), these changes help modernize the design of the Lead page and add some much needed predictability across the different sections of the sidebar.

Old vs. new:


What we learned along the way…

One of the changes we launched initially was moving the edit button to a drop-down menu to allow more of the content to show, and give us a place for more options. Initially we thought the extra click was a worthwhile tradeoff, but after getting real-world feedback we quickly realized our mistake (introducing an extra click for a heavily used action) and we soon had a fix in place to bring the edit button back to a more accessible location.

You can expect more of this type of rapid iteration of new features, rather than us trying to get something 100% perfect before it ever sees the real world. Please know that we do value your specific feedback – please do send it over, no matter how small. We read it all.

We’re still working on improving the Lead page. Keep an eye out for more changes coming soon. It’s the most used screen in Close and changes are always going to be a little disruptive at first, but our aim is always to add efficiency into your sales process.