Sync & send from multiple email accounts + easier email setup

Sync & send from multiple email accounts + easier email setup

We just launched several improvements around setting up email accounts in Close. You can see and take advantage of these changes on the redesigned Email Settings page.

1. You can now send email from other alias email addresses.

You may have multiple email addresses and want to send email in Close from any of them. This is now possible by clicking the '+ add another "from" address' link in the box for your account on the Email Settings page.

Note: if the second address is a completely separate email account that you also want to sync 2-way email from, skip this section and read #2 below, instead.

Here's an example of my account with the ability to send mail from either phil@ or support@.


Once you have more than one "from" email address setup, the email form will get a new dropdown above the "To" dropdown, allowing you to choose which email address you want to send from.


If you're replying to an email, the new dropdown will auto-default to whichever address the original email was sent to. If you're just sending emails, the dropdown will default to whichever dropdown "from" address you last chose.

2. Multiple email account syncing

In addition to adding "from" aliases, we've also added the ability to sync multiple separate email accounts per Close account.

For example, you can see here how I have both my and email accounts (which are unrelated) syncing with Close.


This will also add my account in the "From" dropdown when sending email. (There's no need to add the same email address as both an alias and as a separate account.)

To add an additional email account, just click "+ Add an email account" at the bottom of the Email Settings page.

3. No need to figure out your IMAP or SMTP configuration details anymore + Password-less Google linking

Close used to ask you to enter your SMTP & IMAP account details when setting up an email account. This was confusing and error prone as people had to learn about the technical details of hostnames and ports.

Now, in greater than 95% of cases we can automatically detect these details for you based on your email address.

We also detect if your email account uses Gmail or Google Apps and if so, you no longer have to give us your Google password anymore to setup your email. Rather, we use a technology called "Oauth" to let you simply "connect your Google account" to Close.