New in Close: A brand new search experience

New in Close: A brand new search experience

If you’ve ever searched for leads in Close — or even better, saved a search as a Smart View — you know it’s one of the most powerful features for building your ideal workflow. Search is where you filter your leads into segmented lists, to help you prioritize your outreach and optimize your follow-ups. Today, we’re bringing a brand new search experience to every Close account.

Here's what we improved:

A faster way to filter your leads

We’ve streamlined the search experience to make it quicker and easier to find the filters you’re looking for. In the new search sidebar, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of every filter that’s available to you — without having to click around. You still have the deep search capabilities to filter your Leads, Contacts, and communication, but you’ll get there in a fraction of the time.

Multi-select filtering

We’ve replaced the drop-down lists with checkboxes, so you can search faster by choosing multiple options at once. When selecting multiple options in your filter (for example, searching opportunity status by “Active” or “Won”), they will automatically be grouped together in your search, without you needing to edit your query in the search bar.

Example: Filter for all Opportunities that have the status type of either “Active” or “Won”

Simpler search queries

If writing search queries doesn’t come naturally to you, you can still experience the benefits of search in Close. With the new filter options, your searches will automatically include “or”, “and”, and “not” filtering without you needing to make any edits. If you still want to stay in full control of  your search results, the query will continue to be displayed in the search bar. You’ll get a better understanding of each search, and still be able to make edits if you wish.



Sometimes you have an attribute in mind but aren’t quite sure where to find it. We’ve added search to the filter sidebar, so you can find the filter you need within seconds.

With the new calendar view, you can filter your results by a date range in a couple of clicks, without touching your keyboard. With time frame search, you can now choose between two dates for more granular results. This change reduces the room for error, and gives you a time frame in a fraction of the clicks, without any manual edits.

Example: Create an list of all Leads that were generated during a promotional period

More granular text searching

Rather than just searching if a word or phrase occurs within a note, you can now search text more precisely without typing a query or quotation marks. We’ve added checkboxes for three additional search options: Exclude text (“does not contain”), and include or exclude exact text (“contains exactly” and “does not contain exactly”).

Example: Filter out call notes that mention a discount
Example: Search for notes containing “ready to buy”

Easier local time filters

Reduce mishaps while selling across states and markets with an easier filtering for local time. In the new search sidebar, we’ve combined the “before” and “after” local time filters into one. This means you can search a local time window for Leads or Contacts in fewer clicks.

Example: Filter your outreach list by Leads who are currently in the office (between 9am and 5pm their local time)

Turn your new searches into Smart Views for a better sales workflow

Smart Views are the secret sauce to setting up a solid sales workflow using Close. Instead of setting yourself multiple reminders, you can use Smart Views (saved lists) to create dynamic lead lists and streamline your outreach. Smart Views are saved for easy access in your left hand sidebar, and can be kept private or shared with your team. Close users love to use Smart Views to set up dynamic calling and outreach lists, and optimize their day.

Any search can easily be saved as a Smart View by clicking the star below the search bar.

Example: Create a calling list of leads you haven’t heard from in 10 days, so they enter your list when they’re ready to call
Example: Create a list of all the leads you met at a conference to send them a bulk follow-up email

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